ROUND 2 - The Wellness Strategy

ROUND 2 - The Wellness Strategy

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🎧Where self-compassion meets consistency 

We are kicking off Round 2 on Sunday the 19th of May. A 6 week of online interactive course, guided by Revie Jane. 

With the motivation of the New Year dwindling away from us, we still have time to get on top of our Wellness Goals for 2024. So let's talk how with Revie and her game-changing course The Wellness Strategy.

The Wellness Strategy includes:

  • 💻 Exclusive Access to Members Only Portal
    • Community group inside the Wellness Strategies Platform (Because crushing goals is better when you're doing it with your new wellness BFFs.)
  • 💪🏽 6 Weeks of Home Workouts:
    • Five workouts a week
    • Train alongside Revie in real time videos
    • Minimal equipment needed - Equipment list below
    • Designed for Beginners - Intermediate 
    • Modifications provided
  • 🎥  Modules with Yours Truly:
    • 6 game-changing modules including Fitness & Health, Energy Audit (set boundaries like a boss!), Intuition and Goal Setting Mastery, Unlearning Unhelpful Habits (adios, unintentional life), Integrity & Discipline and more.
  • 📚 Wellness Worksheets:
    • Download our printable worksheets alongside each module. Filled with journal prompts, goal-setting exercises, and habit-tracking goodies. We're basically handing you the secret sauce to success.
  • 💕 Weekly Live Zoom Check-Ins with Revie:
    • Get ready for a party every week! We'll be checking in live, sometimes with special guests dropping wisdom bombs that’ll blow your mind.

Let's face it, sometimes we have so much on our plates, we wish someone could practically do the work for us. Well, unfortunately you have to do the hard part of showing up but leave the rest up to Revie. This isn't just a course; this is revitalisation of you– a declaration of self-love. Together, we're rewriting the rules, backing each other and ourSELVES.

Limited spaces available, because we believe in quality over quantity. 🚀 Secure your spot below! 💖✨

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