Empowered With Revie

Empowered with Revie is a bridge for connection where Revie Jane Schulz openly shares insights to her life through her very own podcast.

From adverse childhood experiences, Revie feels she’s had a second shot at life; raising the opportunity for her to rewrite a completely new script for how her life looks now. Through this, she gained a mass following on social media and has inspired thousands of women across the globe. From the ins and outs of the entrepreneurial space, trauma resilience, how she attracted her dream life and of course, unpacking the shitstorm that motherhood entails.

Revie shows up vulnerably and authentically herself; sharing how she last royally effed up or how she survived another week of social media culture as an extreme empath. Other weeks she shares the mic by welcoming some amazing guests and having open, honest and sometimes difficult conversations. 

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If you’d like to work with Revie for your upcoming podcast or event, please get in touch at hello@reviejane.com.