"Open, raw, inspiring, relatable...

After following Revie for so many years I knew the day would be one to remember, but it exceeded all of my expectations. Although there were so many people in the room I felt at times that Revie was speaking just to me. There was such a special feeling in the air & I am so glad I was able to be a part of it. You bring people together & make them feel heard, appreciated.”

Revie Jane Schulz is a highly engaging Australian fitness and lifestyle personality
who has featured in both national and international media spaces.

You can hire Revie for...

In Conversation

As a special topic expert for a panel or Q&A session.

Small Workshops

Guiding creative conversations for 12-15 people, around motherhood, business, fitness or marketing.

Keynote Speaking

Bringing depth, inspiration and curiosity to audiences; leaving them prepared to take life by the mantle!

Topics Revie speaks on...

Overcoming Anxiety & Depression

Health & Lifestyle


Online Marketing & Content Creation

Entrepreneur / Business Owner Life

Podcasts you've heard her on...

Events you've seen her at...

If you’d like to work with Revie for your upcoming podcast or event, please get in touch at hello@reviejane.com.