Purpose Tour 2019

Shortly after giving birth to her second daughter and closing her beloved gym, Revie shifted gears and set out on a National Speaking Tour with her husband and two gorgeous daughters in tow.

Committed to inspiring women worldwide to find their life path, Revie shared her most intimate stories on how rediscovering her worth resulted in running a six figure business.

With extreme vulnerability, passion, purpose and belief in her community, Revie spoke about how she was able to build a thriving business by sharing her truth; including all the highs and lows, the wins and losses, the triumphs and tribulations, and why it’s important to always choose kindness and practice self-love.

Connecting with over 1200 people from her beautiful online community at stops in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane; her events left guests feeling connected, supported and inspired.

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The Events

Sydney // Saturday March 16

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Adelaide // Sunday April 14

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Melbourne // Sunday May 19

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Brisbane // Sunday June 16

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