Juggling life, capturing content, building an empire, raising little humans, and doing it all with a strong coffee in hand.

Revie Jane is a mother, entrepreneur and lifestyle influencer, put here on earth to create good from her story, inspire women the world over, and sprinkle joy wherever she goes.

Today, Revie is loved on the internet and in the real world. But her story started long before her Instagram Stories. On a mission to ‘work on worthiness out loud’, Revie’s been generous about her difficult childhood and mental health struggles, helping thousands of women who’ve also faced adversity, sexual abuse and poverty, through speaking events and daily content.

But with even more to give, Revie is an Original Slashie™️.

In 2012, she pioneered one of the first female-only CrossFit gyms in the country, CrossFit Babes Miami, discovering her knack for social media and digital marketing between classes.

This opened a whole new world, leading Revie to a hugely successful business in content creation on Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and Youtube. But we all have favourites, and Revie’s is, without a doubt, Instagram. Upon starting her journey, Revie quickly cultivated a huge, highly engaged and predominantly female audience that’s still thriving today. You know, if you consider 220,000+ followers thriving. 

When it comes to Revie’s social channels, she takes her followers along for the ride through the ups and downs of life and business, opening her DMs and sharing everything from motherhood, business building and inner child-healing, to book reviews, travel and self-care routines. 

Thanks to her social media business, Revie has welcomed countless opportunities like collaborating with internationally recognised brands, shining a light on hard-working small businesses, and being invited to speak at large-scale female empowerment events, but what lights her up most is the community she’s built online. Revie’s aim is to always be there for the thousands of women that join her on Instagram every day, looking for inspiration as they chase their own dreams.

Over the past few years, Revie’s also poured herself into products, releasing seven fitness programs, and a suite of affirmation cards, dedicated to healing women, mamas and kids. 

And then there’s the activewear addiction.

In 2023, and over a decade of training in—no, living in—activewear, Revie launched her very own inclusive and eco-conscious label, Alitah State, designed to support you in your workouts and coffee runs, while spreading a hype girl state of mind. 

Phone, dumbbells, microphones, mamahood, samples and strong coffees—it’s clear Revie’s hands are officially full. 

With so much on her plate, people often ask: “What gets Revie out of bed in the morning?” Well, the alarm, obviously—she wakes up at 3:45am. But really? Revie is simply obsessed with living her life out loud, inspiring others, being Mum to her daughters and fur babies, wife to Clay, and bestie to many. Unless you need her for anything after 5pm… then you’re on your own. Girl’s got gym in the morning.  

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Revie Jane Schulz is a highly engaging Australian fitness and lifestyle personality who has featured in both national and international media spaces. She regularly contributes to podcasts, speaking events and magazine editorials. If you would like to get in touch with us to feature Revie, reach out at hello@reviejane.com