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Start Somewhere:

- 6 weeks of training, 4 workouts per week

- 24 different workouts - No workout is repeated throughout the program

- 4 warm-ups that include fundamental strengthening exercises

- Revie coaches you through each movement in the warm up so you are performing the warm-ups safely and correctly

- Demonstration videos for every movement so you are sure how to perform movement with the correct technique

- Goal setting examples to keep you focused and on track over the 6 weeks

Train with Revie Jane Home & Gym Programs:

- 8 weeks of training, 5 workouts per week with bonus activities to complete over the weekend

- Nutritional guidelines and tips to maximise your results over the 8 weeks

- Workout breakdowns so you understand and are confident to complete each workout

- Goal setting directions and examples

- Demonstration videos for every movement so that you are sure how to perform a movement with the correct technique

It would be ideal to have the following equipment, however we have tried to provide alternate options for most movements. 
- Resistance Band Easy/ Medium

- Activation Band Easy/ Medium

- Barbell

- Dumbbell 1-3kg

- Barbell (You can use dumbbells for all barbell movements)

- Kettlebell (Light and Medium)

- Medicine Ball (You can use dumbbells for all MB movements)

It would be great to have access to a cardio machine, such as a spin bike, rower, treadmill or cross-trainer, however we have provided an alternate for this as well.

- Skipping rope

- Set of Dumbbells (Recommended 3-6kg depending on fitness level)

- Kettlebell between (Recommended 8-16kg depending on fitness level)

- Barbell and Weights

- Squat Racks

- Kettlebell

- Medicine Ball

- Skipping Rope

- Optional: Sandbag, deadball

If you don’t have all of the above, the absolute essentials you need for this program are the barbell, at least your bodyweight in weights, a squat rack and either a medicine ball or kettlebell. You can find an alternative movement for any of the other movements, but to get the most of the program we do recommend you have all of the above.

Other items that you may like to have are:

Water bottle, Yoga mat, Music, Sweat towel, Foam roller.

The Start Somewhere program is designed for you. The guide is designed for those who don’t know where to start and want to introduce simple movements into their workouts.

We recommend the Train with Revie Jane Home Program, found here. You do NOT need to be at your fittest to start - that’s exactly what this program is for, to get you there! The Train with Revie Jane program was designed for all fitness levels. However if you’re starting from scratch or have never trained before, we would recommend the Start Somewhere program.

Revie’s Gym program is designed for experienced strength and conditioning members. This program does NOT provide any specific coaching on how to perform a movement such as the Back Squat. This program is designed for intermediate to advanced fitness levels.

TWRJ 2.0 would be a good challenge for anyone who has an existing level of fitness, but would like to potentially learn some new movements and challenge their existing workouts. This guide offers a level of support via the glossary of movement videos to help you along the way. 

The Gym Program is designed for anyone who already has a repertoire of fitness experience in lifting and crossfit or similar movements. In this program, the terms are more specific and without explanation, and there are no movement glossaries to accompany the workouts.

TWRJ 2.0 is designed for people who have some level of experience with training and a degree of fitness behind them, but comes with the added support of movement videos to support your training journey.

Start Somewhere is designed as more of a beginners program, for those who have little to no fitness or are coming back to training after an extended period off. It is designed to give you basic and fundamental strength, from which you could then move on to Train With Revie Jane 2.0. Start Somewhere would unlikely be challenging enough for you if you already have a good level of fitness and experience.

For our purposes, the difference between the two is that one is thick and small and the other is long and thin. Once you’re signed up to the program you will have access to the movement glossary so that you know which equipment to use for which movement.

There isn’t one particular brand of bands that we recommend, as they are readily available from shops such as Rebel Sport or even at some Kmarts or BigWs. Revie has recently been using the Aim’n resistance bands and really likes them. She has a discount code LoveRevie for 10% off with Aim'n if you decide you'd like to buy from them!

DB is an abbreviation we use to refer to Dumbbell, and KB is an abbreviation for Kettlebell.

Dumbbells (Light 3-5kg, Medium 5-7kg, Heavy 10-15kg)*

Kettlebells (Light 8-10kg, Medium 12-16kg, Heavy 16-20kg)*

*This is based upon general assumptions/experience. Use your best judgment based on your current skills and abilities.

We recommend you do what you can, even if it is half the range of movement. If you are unsure how to scale the movement back, seek advice from a fitness professional for a modified version of the movement.

None of Revie’s programs are designed specifically for pregnancy or post-partum. We recommend that you consult with your health care professional regarding safe training and nutrition while pregnant as we do not know your specific circumstances and health background.

Revie’s programs focus on movements specific to building strength and fitness, and performing them correctly. Her programs are not gender specific, so we can all Train with Revie Jane!

Time varies for each training guide and each session, however you can complete all workouts in under 1 hour.

In Revie’s 2.0 program, the sessions are clearly categorised by required time, so that you can best choose a workout based on the time you have available.

Revie’s programs focus more on training and creating active daily habits that are here to stay in the long run. While some of her training guides include a bit of nutritional support and recommended guidelines, there is no meal plan included.

Results can take anywhere from 3-4 weeks to notice physical changes, but for some it can take up to 8 weeks. Revie recommends taking photos of yourself at the same time of day at the start, in the middle, and at the end of the 8 weeks, so you can track your personal progress.

The programs can be started at any point in time.

Woohoo! All of Revie’s programs are available WORLDWIDE, you will be able to download the digital program straight to your smartphone, iPad, laptop or desktop.

We get it! Sometimes it’s nice to have things in our hands to refer to. All of Revie’s programs are e-guides, however they are also designed to be Printer Friendly so you can print them out.

Yes, when you purchase one of Revie’s programs, you own it for life.

TIP: When you make your purchase, you will receive a unique download link in your confirmation email. This link is active for a limited number of days and number of downloads.

We recommend that you download the file (PDF) directly to your device(s), e.g. computer and mobile device, as soon as possible. Once downloaded to your device, you can access the program and any included movement glossaries or bonus links as often as you like.

Once you have purchased a program, you will receive an email with a download link. Once you have clicked the link to open the program, this counts as a download. As your downloads are limited, PLEASE SAVE the program (PDF file) as soon as you have purchased it. If you have reached your initial allotment of downloads, you can email to restart your downloads access.

Please do not comment on any of Revie Jane’s social platforms about accessing the program or downloading problems that can occur. Please email for this issue to be resolved.

Before you email our customer service team, please make sure your questions have not been answered in the FAQs section. Please email We ask that you please allow 24-48 hours for our customer service team to get back to you, or longer on weekends and holidays. Please note that Revie is unable to provide any individual advice on training or nutrition.

You’ve just ordered one of Revie’s guides and you were so excited that you typed in the wrong email address and haven’t received your order confirmation email.
It happens! Contact us at and we can help you out.


- 40 recipes in which some are designed to cook fresh while others are designed to prepare for the days ahead. These cover a variety of breakfasts, snacks, lunches, dinners, smoothies and desserts.

- 4 week guide covering each meal and snack from Monday through to Friday

- A look into how Revie and Clay have implemented a healthy lifestyle for the past 8 years and tips on how to make the most of the meal prep guide.

- With each purchase you will be sent two copies of the guide. One that is electronically compatible and a Print Friendly option that is supplied in black and white, image free so that you can have all the ingredients and instructions of the recipes without the fancy stuff.

- Basic supplement and vitamin advice

- Blank template of the 4 weeks so you can create your own 4 week guide using our recipes.

Yes, you will receive the guide within 1 hour if not immediately. It is self paced, so you can start whenever suits you!

The Meal Prep Guide by Revie and Clay provides healthy range of whole foods. We do not calorie count or track our macros.

While there are no specific vegetarian-only options, you can substitute the protein in each meal/snack to a vegetarian option that suits your taste and/or dietary requirements.

We get it! Sometimes it’s nice to have things in our hands to refer to. The Meal Prep Guide was designed with a Printer Friendly option so that you can print it yourself.

This is NOT a hard copy guide meaning you will only receive a downloadable copy.

- Blender/ nutribullet

- Slow Cooker

- Zucchini Spiralizer/ Potato Peeler

- Other general cooking appliances such as frypan and saucepans.

You do NOT need exercise to complete this guide. However, we have made some active lifestyle recommendations at the beginning of the guide which will help you to get the most from it.

Woohoo! The Meal Prep Guide is available WORLDWIDE, you will be able to download the program straight to your smart phone, iPad, laptop or desktop.

We recommend you consult with your health care professional regarding your nutrition while pregnant as we do not know your specific circumstances and health background.

We can’t stress enough that this is a guide and we like to promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Everything within moderation!

Before you email our customer service team, please make sure your questions have not been answered in the FAQs. Please email and allow 24-48 hours for our customer service team to get back to you, or longer on weekends and holidays.

Please note that Revie is unable to provide any individual advice on nutrition or training.

Results can take anywhere from 3-4 weeks to notice physical changes but can take longer. Revie recommends taking photos of yourself at the same time of day, at the start, in the middle and at the end of the 4 weeks, so you can track your progress.

You acknowledge and agree that whilst we have recommended time frames from our experience of when it is safe to eat prepared foods, it is your responsibility to ensure your food is safe to eat by checking Used By and Best Before dates when cooking. As well as keeping the food refrigerated at all times before consumption. You acknowledge and agree that we are not dietitians or nutritionists. The information, insights, guidance and/or recommendations in our guide are for general information purposes only and are not to be relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes.