Meal Prep with Revie and Clay
Meal Prep with Revie and Clay
Meal Prep with Revie and Clay
Meal Prep with Revie and Clay
Meal Prep with Revie and Clay

Meal Prep with Revie and Clay

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A real, nutritious, effective meal prep guide for those wanting to take charge of a healthy lifestyle.

Revie and Clay have been sharing their favourite healthy recipes and meal prep ideas with their online community for years. With busy lifestyles in mind, they have created a bespoke 4-week meal prep guide designed to help you get organised, lose body fat and attain that healthy lifestyle you crave for yourself and your family. Offering a wide variety from 40 delicious recipes, the Meal Prep Guide is easy to follow and is peppered with wholefood options that allow for advance preparation. With over two decades of combined experience training people from around the world, Revie and Clay have identified key areas where their clients have struggled when it comes to meal preparation.

“We have learned from training thousands of people from all over the world that most people struggle with lunches and dinners. We’ve designed these recipes to be prepared in advance and refrigerated - this is how Clay and myself have been able to live a consistently healthy lifestyle and what we hope to help others achieve”
- Revie

 What’s Inside

4 Week Meal Prep Guide 

  • Recipes for 40 meals and snacks
  • 4 week guide covering each meal and snack from Monday through to Friday
  • Recipes that are designed for 3-5 meals in advance
  • Simple and easy recipes to follow
  • Fat loss focused planning
  • Breakfast smoothie recipes for those on-the-go
  • Weekly guide to help you learn to become organised and create variety
  • 3 bonus dessert recipes
  • Print-friendly recipes list

The husband and wife team are able to live a consistently healthy lifestyle thanks to their simple yet effective approach to preparing meals. From this experience, they have put together some of their favourite easy to prepare meal recipes to support those searching for options that are delicious and effective.

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  • Time-poor professionals looking for meal options that don’t require hours of preparation
  • Those seeking recipes designed to aid in the fat loss process
  • Busy parents that prioritise healthy meal options for their families
  • Individuals looking to save time in the kitchen without compromising on flavour

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