Back To Basics
Back To Basics
Back To Basics

Back To Basics

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  • 20 programmed workouts
  • A warm up provided for each workout
  • Video demonstrations for every movement
  • Bonus 5 Finishers
  • Minimal-to-no equipment needed*
  • Achievable for all fitness levels
  • Get fit in sub 20 minutes each day from warm up to workout

*Equipment that would be helpful but not essential are a set of rings and a skipping rope.

Australian fitness personality, Clay Schulz, is going Back to Basics with his new online training program designed for those with busy lifestyles who are seeking a program they can follow while on the go.

Back to Basics is an online program that incorporates Clay’s signature training style; simple, effective movements targeting muscle groups to increase fitness and build muscle. With over a decade of experience in the fitness industry, the accredited fitness professional has assembled a variety of workouts that can be done anywhere. 

The busy father-of-two understands life is a whirlwind of commitments and that finding the time to go to the gym can be difficult. With this in mind, the collection of workouts in Back to Basics are straightforward and can be achieved in less than an hour.

“The Back to Basics workouts are uncomplicated and can be completed anywhere. They are perfect for those travelling for business or pleasure, or for working up a sweat while at the park or the beach. I’m passionate about educating my clients that serious results can be achieved without spending hours at the gym.”
– Clay Schulz


BACK TO BASICS is suited for those seeking;

Simple, yet effective workouts designed to build muscle and burn fat

Workouts that can be completed on the go or from home with minimal-to-no equipment

Training that can be adapted depending on your fitness level.

For personalised programming or any enquiries, please email If you have any questions about the program or your order, please email us at Allow up to 24 hours for our team to respond, except over weekend or holiday periods where it may take longer.

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