Today we're kicking off a 4 week wellness reset. A lot of people have already jumped on board with Revie, wanting to start putting themselves and their health first 🙌.
With you guys sharing such moving stories about where you're at with your current self-care, Revie's created a list of a few things you can do to help you be more proactive with your wellbeing this month.

Here are some of her top suggestions for getting started:

⭐️ Download the Printable Templates found on our website under FREE STUFF, here.

💗 Watch Revie's latest Vlog about the guidelines for the Wellness Reset, plus she shares her current favourite self development books and podcasts (linked below).

🌈 Join our Private Facebook Group - maybe you’ll find someone you can connect with and become accountable to! We've had so many touching stories shared here already.

🌸 Revie has a discount running for all of her fitness programs and her meal prep guide, just use the code WellnessReset at check out. Get in fast - the discount expires August 4.

Throughout the month, we'll keep sharing tips and experiences, recommendations of books and podcasts, but we can't put in the work for you. All that goodness and self-inspo has to come from within, and it is hard work, but incredibly worth it. You are your greatest investment, after all.

Since putting these things in place for her emotional, mental and physical health, Revie has been more present with her family, sustained longer energy to take on day-to-day life, and above all, she's felt more at peace with herself. ✨

We start today, but if you're reading this later in the month, it's always a good time to get involved! Even 1-2 weeks of purposeful self-care can reap huge rewards for you personally, and our hope is that any or all of these things can be a catalyst for positive change in your health and wellbeing.


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