Train with Revie Jane 2.0 is live!

We've put together a collection of tried and tested workouts for you to work-up a sweat based on the time you have available to train.

Revie's most comprehensive guide since the first release of Train with Revie Jane in 2017, the new e-guide is set up for you to choose your own workout adventure, to create a 6-8 week plan using the planning templates in the back of the guide, or to complement and spice up your existing training routine.  

The guide includes notes from coach Revie throughout, nutrition tips plus 12 new recipes, a section on wellbeing and goal-setting, printable templates to help you track your progress, 30 new workouts to make you sweat in under 15, 25 or 40 minutes, and a glossary of movement videos for every exercise in the guide.

We think you'll love it and the feedback so far has been 🔥

We've also created a few bonus Instagram Story templates to accompany your workouts - share your progress with Revie and get to know others in the the #iTrainWithRevieJane community through your Stories and/or jumping into the private Facebook group.



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