Self Love

One morning, I was watching Lexi make faces at herself in the mirror and a thought flashed through my mind, ‘at what point does she start being mean to herself, picking on things she doesn’t like and being self-critical?’

I’m no stranger to being judgemental and hard on myself; I know that it stems from the adversity I faced as a child, from not ever knowing what self love was let alone seeing it practiced in front of me.

In hoping she’s kinder than I am to myself, I thought I’d try to encourage her to explore positive things about herself.

I asked her, “When you look in the mirror what’s something you like about your face?” She paused and focused in on it, taking in her features, turning her head side to side, then she relaxed as she had come up with her answer. She replied “that it looks like yours!” 

I welled up and hugged her so tight. She sure knows how to make mama embrace herself. It also reaffirmed that what ever I say about my own looks and body, that she would see that as permission to say about herself. We have to be conscious and aware of the language we use when we are talking ourselves, especially with our little ones around. 

This little lady is here to teach me so much; school has been in session since I saw that positive pregnancy test and every day I’m embracing my role more as the student ♥️

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