Revie Runs 25km for a Hot Dog!

REVIE RUNS UPDATE 1 | 28 June 2015

Wow, what an amazing response I've had in just 5 days since I announced that I'm running 25km for a Hot Dog! Currently we have raised $1600 with only $895 remaining to hit our target.

Originally I thought that $2500, was going to be a real stretch and I thought to myself 'I'm only one person, I hope that I can make that much of a change but that will be pushing it.', Since then I have been overwhelmed with messages and donations and its more than obvious I am NOT the only person who cares for animals passionately. With the incredible response of our community (you guys) I think that we have the power to reach for more. When I originally spoke to the team at AWL, they expressed their wishes to have two of these important bits of equipment. This means that yes, I am thinking, let's dream big, chase hard and raise $5000. I hope, more than anything right now that you guys are behind me on this and continue to support this campaign!

Watch the first UPDATE Vlog below. Donate here: https: //


Revie Runs Update 1 from The Babe Project on Vimeo.



ORIGINAL POST | Revie Jane Runs 25km for a HOT DOG!

You’re probably thinking, yep, its happened, she’s gone crazy. Does she want me just to go down to 7/11 and buy her one? It would save her a whole lot of blisters, joint aches and trouble?  Well, I won’t deny you on the fact that I’m a little crazy, but that’s crazy about animals!

To help you understand let me explain from the start. If you didn't already know, I am huge supporter of the Animal Welfare League of QLD and love everything that they do. If you want to know more about them, watch the video below where I visit the shelter and expose how they REALLY treat their animals, which is with a whole lot of tender, love and cuddles!


Revie Visits Animal Welfare League from The Babe Project on Vimeo.



One of my favourite events of the Babe Calendar is the Gold Coast Marathon, which unfortunately, I cannot attend this year as I will be away Coaching in the Cook Islands with WODVentures (boohoo I know, but seriously I love this event and am going to have so much FOMO* not being there for this Babe Community Event!)

Moving right along, I still wanted to contribute in some way to CrossFit Babes chosen charity 3 years running, the Animal Welfare League. When I last spoke to the Animal Welfare League team they said the animals are in need of a piece of medical equipment that helps keep animals warm after they’ve just had surgery. This piece of equipment is vital to veterinary clinics and the Animal Welfare League are desperate to own a Hot Dog.

What is a Hot Dog?

Once an animal who has been put under anaesthetic for surgery,  their body is challenged to sustain a warm body temperature. It is also important to remember that small patients lose heat faster because the body surface area is proportionately greater than the surface area of larger patients. This means that the patient is now in risk of going into Hypothermia or getting Kennel Cough.

During recovery patients that do suffer from hypothermia will also have a prolonged recovery period because patients will have slower drug clearance. This means the shelter has a back log of dogs and cats and all of the other critters, instead of putting of them up for adoption and thats what we all want- for them to find forever homes. And nobody wants sick puppies & kittens!

You can see how such a piece of equipment is so important to have and with the Animal Welfare League being a non for profit organisation, its so important that the community (us!) do our part and chip in where we can!

Bet it wasn't quite the Hot Dog you were thinking aye? So on Saturday morning, 20th June 2015, I'm going to embark on my own, for the furtherest run I've ever set out for myself- 25km in the hopes to raise $2500 for a Hot Dog.

This event is roughly 8 Weeks away and in no way is it going to be "easy" on my behalf but I'm hoping it inspires you and you can find it within your pockets to donate, no matter how small the generosity.

I've worked out that if only 5% of my Instagram following (50K) donated just $1.00 we would have a Hot Dog! FIVE PERCENT! Which could be YOU reading this post right now. So if you would like to support me in the quest of animals wellness, please click the link below where you'll find my Donation Page. Please help me get there!

I understand not everyone is in the position to give money, but you can still give some love by sharing this cause with your community, so please post this on anyones page who is an animal lover and would love to contribute!

My Everyday Hero Page:

Well peeps, wish me luck and thanks for taking the time to read. Have an amazing day!

Revie x

*FOMO Fear Of Missing Out

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