My Post Training Go-To Supplements


It’s no secret that training is a vital part of my life. It helps me feel capable, was my initial source of self respect and is a daily practice to keep me feeling… like me! But to be able to show up most days of the week, I quickly realised that fuelling my muscles had to become a part of my daily ritual also!

The benefits of taking protein after training are to help your muscles recover and repair. The aim is to replace the muscle that you have broken down in your training session (usually within a strength-based session) with a high quality protein, but it can be hard finding a protein that is super clean and nutritious, that also doesn’t have a whole heap of additives and sugar in it. 

I get asked daily what supplements I take, so here are some FAQs in this space.

If you follow my Instagram Stories, you’ll notice I’m a morning person. I get up around 4:00am to start my day and I start working out around 4:45am. My training regime includes a variety of functional body movements, while incorporating strength and cardio-vascular exercises. Most of my sessions would be about 30 minutes, and once a week I aim for a longer one around 45-60 minutes. Being a mama of two little cherubs, it’s definitely a luxury I wish I didn’t take for granted back in the day when I was training for Ironmans and local CrossFit comps for hours a day!

I aim to train 5-6 times per week, and remember some of those sessions could be a walk or a 15 minute HIIT sesh; I just like to move my body most days as it helps me feel empowered. I love to sweat and get that boost of endorphins!

So, here are the supplements I take to make the most of my training sessions.

Do you take a Pre Workout?

I used to when I first started in fitness, but since becoming a mama, and around the times of breastfeeding, I started having a shot of coffee instead. I have “The Laughing Pug” organic filtered coffee and it peps me up.

What do you take Post Training?

Protein and Collagen Build by Nutra Organics 
My favourite supplement combo 🙌🏼


Protein: Clean Protein in Cacao Choc

Since taking Clean Protein I have noticed an improvement in my recovery, muscle composition and energy levels. In my opinion it's tasty and it doesn’t leave me bloated or feeling icky after I have it; instead I feel satisfied and fuelled! I definitely notice the difference when I forget to take it post-training - I feel a lot more achy and I can’t back up my sessions the next day at full capacity.

It is the best protein I’ve come across, and taking it with Collagen Build has become a part of my training ritual. I feel that I can do a killer session and then back it up the next day and give it my all. 

And yes, I just take this protein and my collagen build with water, I love the taste and don’t find it’s too powdery or grainy like some proteins.

Collagen Build

Collagen Build is the most amazing product which, while accompanied with resistance training, helps you tone, repair and build lean muscle. It helps you recover with its naturally occurring BCAAs and protein. It also helps support energy production and reduction of fatigue with magnesium. Not to mention it’s great for your gut health and strengthens your hair and nails! Seriously - it’s like a magic powder! 

It’s tasteless, so you can add it to just about anything you like!

I have a discount code with Nutra Organics,  just pop in Revie for 15% off your order! Plus you get a free downloadable workout guide with any purchase of the Collagen Build - it's 70 pages long and just super handy to have!

It’s worth mentioning because I think it also plays a big part in my being able to train the next day - every night before bed I also take magnesium. I like the Fusion or Bioceuticals options.

The best way to take magnesium is through powder form, but I like the tablets better (basically because if I drink water too close to bed it means a trip to the toilet in the middle of the night and ain’t nobody got time for that!)

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