Mama's Weekend Escape

With Elements of Byron

Pretty certain that I will forever look back at this weekend at Elements of Byron as a highlight of my life. Courtney and I essentially spent 48 unbroken hours together, laughed the majority of it and relished in the nothingness of our “to-do list.” We were completely on the same, gratitude wave; just so appreciative of the simplest things, from not having to deal with having to change a nappy to unbroken sleep.

We live, breathe and adore our children but desperately needed some time to get away and escape the madness.

Between my best mate CC and I, we had 4 kids in 3 years and with all the Mama Self Help Books that are out there, very little cover the “How to Save our Friendship with Kids!”

To put things into perspective, here’s a timeline of the last four years (And yes, this just gave me the heebie jeebies trying to remember when everything, or rather every one happened!)

  • 2015 Rev falls pregnant
  • 2016: Rev had Lexi (Breastfed for 12 months)
  • 2016: CC falls pregnant
  • 2016: CC had Max (breastfed for 12 months
  • 2017: Rev falls pregnant with Lola
  • 2018: Rev had Lola
  • 2018: CC falls pregnant with Elle
  • 2019: CC had Elle

Are you keeping up? Because we sure as hell didn’t! Our one hour walks by ocean and uninterrupted conversations turned into 15 second instagram videos to each other and unfinished / unsent text messages. The things we took for granted were now luxury and we couldn’t turn back time to just appreciate it a bit more.
So I think its fair to say, the time had come, a Mama’s Weekend Getaway was to be had!

On Friday afternoon, CC and I headed down to Elements of Byron Bay for two whole nights. Neither of us had stayed at or seen this place, so as you may have been able to hear in our voices during the vlog, we were ecstatic at the accommodation. (Also, I got a bit excited at the start of the Vlog so I made sure to give a proper Villa Tour of the 2 bedroom villa at the end, around the 22:30 minute mark. It had EVERYTHING you need, fully self contained with washer, dryer, kitchen appliances and the COMFIEST bed ever!)

The next morning we got up, after our beautifully, uninterrupted sleep and headed down to town for the light house walk. It was breath taking (visually and literally) and a must do when visiting. We were even lucky enough to spot some whales having fun out back.  

We headed back to the resort and straight in for a 60 minute massage at Osprey Spa; that place is a woman’s piece of paradise and the tea is delicious (just ask CC!)

Osprey Spa

We spent the rest of the day at the Adults Pool and honestly, it just didn’t feel like that that part was real. When I go back, I am heading straight to that pool, chaining myself to a sun bed and not leaving. We were served cocktails on the sun lounges, ate the most delicious Mexican ensalada’s and then went for a dip at the Dive in Bar (oh to reminisce) for one more cheeky cocktail. 

In hindsight, there is so much to do at Elements; we probably wouldn’t leave the resort at all (apart for the lighthouse walk.)

There are beautiful trails to walk along, picnic benches, agility courses and the Beach Club!

Elements is the resort I wish I knew existed sooner, it's a little piece of heaven tucked away in a less than 60 minute drive, and I will be back as soon as possible! 

As for time with the bestie, well, did that fill the soul cup up! It was just bliss. We did all the rebellious things, had a late bath, drank one too many vodka soda’s and stayed up past bed time. 
We actually went to celebrate CC's birthday! But pretty sure it was both our birthdays because we lived like Queens.
Going down as one to remember; that time we lived like royals in Byron Bay.

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