Home Workout with Baby Options


Pair of dumbbells or a baby who wants to join in/ you can't put down


12 Minutes includes warm up and core finisher


Please seek approval from a medical professional before taking part in any physical activity, such as this workout.

I understand how it can get, you can plan your entire workout and be all set up but our little people just want to "help" or are going through a fun stint of teeth cutting or are just going through a super clingy stage! Whatever the reason, you need a workout that is fast but effective.

Here is a workout you can do from home, with a set of dumbbells and if that is going down because of your stage 5 clinger, then see Courtney and Max who demonstrate the movement you can opt for with baby.

I did all of these exercises before my daughter Lexi turned into a toddler, most of which she found amusing and fun. If at any point baby is not enjoying a movement, please find an alternative or stop. This workout is meant to be fun for both of you.

And yes, I know that Max completely stole the show. He is ridiculously cute!

If you're going to do this workout and want to see more like it, please comment in the description box and give us a thumbs up!

Thank you Courtney and Max for participating, massive props to Court for getting through this workout. She definitely had the heavier option and stuck it out like a boss! Follow CC's on Instagram @_courtneymccarty_

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