Booty Workout

So, some of you have noticed (thank you so much!) that I have been putting in the extra work on the behind... the boo-tay! So during a strength session I decided to Vlog it for you guys.

If you're ever craving that soreness in your glutes and you want to tone up your booty, these are my go to strength exercises! I really wanted to do a tough booty workout and decided to film it for you guys. I hope you enjoyed it! If you did please let me know by subscribing, Liking and commenting below! If you have never done these movements before, please see a strength and conditioning Coach. Similarly if you are new to weighted movements, start light and concentrate on form first, then add weight. Remember I have been doing strength training for 8+ years so don't compare your weights to mine :) I started with empty barbell and baby kettle bell! If you do this workout, be sure to let me know!

I love knowing that you're completing one of my workouts #iTrainWithRevieJane x

As you guys have been so incredibly supportive and awesome as of late, I thought I'd go the extra mile and pop it all on a Workout Card for you, so the next time you're at the gym its written out.

Feel free to share it! And if you do please don't forget to tag #iTrainWithRevieJane

I have LOVED making these Vlogs for you guys lately, so please support me if you'd like to see more by Subscribing to my YouTube Channel, which you can do by clicking here!

Love you guys!
Revie x

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