Adelaide Purpose Tour

Revie Jane - Purpose National Tour 2019 from VisionWorks on Vimeo.

Another tour stop complete, Adelaide what a beautiful city you are. It was an honour sharing my truth and that space with you, then getting to meet so many of you where I learnt a little bit about each of you. We went way over time in the Meet and Greet’s as you were all so lovely and friendly and I wanted to keep chatting away with you like two friends out for coffee. The weather on the day was stunning and watching the sunset over the ocean was an absolute pinch me moment as we reached two out of four stops of my national speaking tour.

This event was created from the heart, but my vision was delivered by some incredible souls and businesses, I’ve included instagram handles and hyperlinks for all who made this event possible. 

All of the official images were captured by the incredible Jayde, of Jayde Creative Photography. If you’re looking for our Meet and Greet images together, click this link.

Venue: @stamfordgrandadelaide
Event Stylist: @ModernParty
Florist: @StudioBotanic
Balloon Arrangement: @puffandpop
Graphics Designed by: @OvenCreative
Acrylic Signage: @sketchandetchcreative
Corflute Signage and Props:@ZooCreative


Host: @libbybabet
Musician: @Jessica_Bigg

Our Adelaide media guests were some of the most genuinely, supportive souls I’ve met. So grateful for these lovely ladies, who’s beauty starts from within.

Official Photographer: @jaydecreativeco_photography
Official Videographer: @jbcreative_

Sponsors and Stalls
Our market space in Adelaide was filled with a variety of small local businesses and some that had traveled from the Gold Coast, each bringing quality products for our guests to mingle through.




Gift Bag Contributions
Revie wanted her gift bag contributions to be exclusive to her guests. Revie hand selected and sought these gifts from her favourite brands and local businesses.





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