7 Tips to a Self Care Reset

I failed myself this past month. You may have noticed I haven't been training since I got back from Adelaide, I mean I've done maybe 2 workouts in the past month. I had said 'yes' to too much, I saw but ignored the signs of burning out, I gave and gave and gave and then I crashed. Bad. My body shut down, I was crippled with exhaustion and I was left embarrassed and without a clue on how to give back to me {yes, embarrassed as I love to share my 'self love tips,' but I failed to take my own advice. I am human and I will be the first to admit that I make mistakes}. So how do I reset my self care quota? I filmed a Vlog that shares exactly how below.

7 Tips for a Self Care Reset

  1. The first thing to recognise is that I am responsible for my own self care I need to honour and take responsibility for myself like I would take responsibility for my children, my husband and my friends. No one can help you, unless you are aware that you need help. Be open.
  2. Let people know that a) I am struggling with what’s going on in my mind and in my heart. And b) I am about to start making changes in order to get on top of that. This is a good opportunity to talk through things if you feel like it. This may help you work through some feelings and get your loved ones on the same page.
  3. Assess what is filling your life up. Worklife, mum life, social life, personal life. Stop doing the things that are for the satisfaction of other people and start doing the things that is giving back to you. Say ‘no’ to things that are not resonating, make you feel negative energy or that is draining you.
  4. Be present where you are. I carried guilt in me EVERYwhere I went. When I was with the babies, I felt like I should be at work and when I was working I felt bad about the kids. I was so burnt out I wasn’t recognising that everywhere I went I was always feeling like I wasn't doing enough. So much that I wasn't present any more, I just felt GUILT which defeats the purpose of doing anything for myself. So be present, lap up each moment you get or you will find yourself in an endless vicious cycle.
  5. Find the things that make your soul happy. What are the things that made you YOU before work, before studying, before kids! Write them down and try and make one of two of those things happen this week.
  6. Find a Self Care meditation that works for you. You can search these on YouTube or find a one on platforms like Spotify.
  7. Write things that you like about yourself and that you have accomplished in the day. How many times do you think of ALL the things you didn't do in a day. What if you focussed on the things you actually got done? Focussed and highlighted the things that you like about yourself and that made you and your loved ones happy that day. It can be as simple as 'I went for a refreshing walk with zero distractions and felt worthy of it.' Whatever it is, write down some things that are positive through out your day and you will find gratitude through it.

Burning out is a 100% real thing, and if we dont take care of ourselves, no one else is going to. Don't ignore the signs like I did, be proactive and look out for yourself. I hope this helps you find ways to find you again.


Revie x

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