4th Birthday in Isolation

 I tried to make the day as special as possible while using delivery services, as we are trying to limit any outings other than trips for groceries and supplies. I received so many questions from you guys about her at-home birthday, asking for the brands and businesses we used to bring it together, so here is a blog with links.

I’d like to note that a couple of things were gifted (styling kit and cake), but none of this is sponsored/ affiliated with codes :)

Party Styling We have loved working with @SaffyAndMay since Lexi’s Birthday party last year. Alex (Brisbane mama) is so passionate about what she does, when we realised the party wasn't going to be happening, she insisted on sending a “Home Party Kit” which included party hats, themed cake plates and cups and the beautiful balloon garland that transformed our living room into a party room!
Princess Tent I searched Amazon for something to create a princess castle and found this gorgeous little pop up princess tent. I’ll be honest, Clay found it a little tedious to set up and it’s not something you can easily take down and put back up for the purpose of a party set up, but I still think it was worth it. Her face when she saw it was so sweet, plus it lights up. We’ve moved it outside since and the girls have been using it as a tent.



Bake a Cake Delivery Kit I’ve used @BakeBelieveAu a handful of times now and am so thankful for it. It’s a small mama owned business that has literally taught me how to bake. Before this I knew NOTHING, and I mean “lucky to not burn the house down” type of nothing.

Bake Believe send you out the cake mix, icing and decorations; you just need the basics e.g. electric mixer, milk, eggs and butter, and she provides the rest. The instructions are clear and have pictures with them as well. I’m honestly still in shock I actually baked a cake and that it turned out okay! Haha! The white and pink confetti decorations were from Coles, not included in the kit - just in case you wanted to make a cake exactly the same. Oh and cake topper supplied by Bake Believe too!

Lexi’s dress is from David Jones, it is the Rock Your Kid Disney Tangled Dress: https://www.davidjones.com/brand/rock-your-baby/22948359/Disney-Tangled-Princess-Dress-(Girls-3-8).html
Lola’s Dress is also from David Jones. I’m not sure why I can’t see it on their website anymore, but here is a similar dress, by the same brand: https://www.davidjones.com/brand/rock-your-baby/baby/23394711/BEST-BUNNIES-LS-CIRCUS-DRESS-(3-6M---2Y).html
In case you need some inspo, here are some of the gifts Lexi is loving! 

We ended up purchasing Lexi’s first bike (with training wheels) from 99Bikes, it's a Mongoose 16 Inch with a little basket on front and a baby carrier on the back. Or should I say Bunny Carrier :P
Myla the Unicorn
I saw this unicorn a while back and thought Lexi would like it, but she LOVES it and I love it too. It’s an interactive unicorn that sings and helps kids with colours. It has a make up brush and palette and recognises the colour you want to colour in the wings, unicorn horn or her eyes. Very fun interactive toy.
Make up Table 
Since Lexi has watched my morning routine every day, I knew she’d love her own little table and self care products. Aunty Jesse (being a mama of two beautiful boys) JUMPED at this. Haha! Lex (and Lola) loved this. Jesse bought a separate make up case and filled it with natural, nasties-free make up and brushes. Not sure where every thing is from exactly, but here are some links:
We also got her the Bingo Game and played it a few times and she loves it! 
Of course there are much worse things in this pandemic than having to cancel your four year old's birthday party that she may not even remember, but I empathise with the little sweetheart missing her mates and cousins; not having them to run around with or share her toys with. We had Jesse and CC drive past to drop off presents and her little besties/ cousins stayed in the car to make it less painful that they couldn’t touch - it was surreal how it was all playing out. 
I hope this answers your questions! I got a LOT of them, but if not comment on the correlating post on Insty and I will try to get back to you this week. All in all, it’s safe to say, Lexi enjoyed her birthday! She not only got cake, fairy bread and pressies but take-away burgers for dinner too! Lola learnt how to sing Happy Birthday and mum and Dad high fived at parenting for 4 years! 
We burst with love and pride when we see our Lexi girl, she ought to be celebrated every day. Thank you for sending your birthday wishes over, we definitely felt so much love.

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