$43,000 for Australian Wildlife - Thank you!

 To my amazingly supportive community, thank you. I never could have imagined raising $43,199 [where we are at right now] and I'm absolutely blown away with my community's generosity and support from far and wide, in Australia and around the world. When I first set up my GoFundMe page for @WIRESWildFireRescue, my target was $15,000. We, as a community, raised that in just 12 hours! So then we updated the target to $30,000 and we have since surpassed that target again! 💞
Since my last post, we've had a couple of major updates!
Firstly, the funds to WIRES Wild Life Rescue are being made available across the country to help as many animals as possible during this crisis 💖  Second, my husband and I completed the 1,000 lunges on Saturday... we are still both having difficulty walking (haha), but it's so entirely worth it and we feel blessed for your incredible support!
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1000 LUNGES FOR WILDLIFE COMPLETE ✅ ***UPDATE WE HIT $40000 for @wireswildliferescue 😭🐨 *** who are helping the animals injured in the Australian Bushfires. I set the goal at $15K originally and we have more than doubled that! Who thinks we can reach $40K? That would just be incredible. I want to say a thank you to all of you for supporting us and contributing to the fundraiser. Whether it was the encouragement, financial donation or helping us raise awareness. For my husband, @clay_schulz what a bloody legend just jumping in, adding a weighted vest and doing them along side me. And my little crew who helped me get this done today! Thank you all! I told Jules to go ask the life savers to lunge with us, they said “nah” then we told them what it was for and out they all came and did some reps with us. It was awesome 🇦🇺 Pretty keen for some food and an ice bath I think! THANK YOU for making this possible xx #wireswildliferescue #1000lunges

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Support for those being affected by the fires doesn't stop here. We have 2 months left of summer, and a lot of areas affected by the fires are not receiving the rain fall we have in Queensland in recent days. They are expecting strong winds and little reprieve. People are losing homes and animals and their habitats are still under threat. If you are still looking for ways to get involved, please consider any contribution you can make to the below organisations. Not everyone has the ability to donate funds, but you can show support by sharing the links, posting to your socials, and helping to raise continued awareness as the fires continue to wreak havoc across our beautiful country 💔
Wildlife Victoria
In Victoria, the East Gippsland bushfires have burned over 1 million hectares of land and the count of wildlife injuries and fatalities has yet to be confirmed. 
Dozens of animal shelters have been directly hit by the fires with tens of thousands of animals injured or displaced in the region. 

Kangaroo Island Koala Sanctuary
On Friday January 3 the Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary was devastated by the Kangaroo Island bushfires. 25,000 koalas of the island’s population have been estimated to have perished. 
Help Rebuild Kangaroo Island's Koala Sanctuary - Go Fund Me
What's next for me?
This weekend I'm involved with the Bushfire Bootcamp Appeal's Gold Coast event! Registration is $25, with 100% of proceeds going to the Kangaroo Island Bushfire Appeal. (fingers crossed I'll be able to walk by then!)


JAN 18, 2020 
Full Schedule and names to be released soon 
Venue: Southport Sharks
6:30am Registration 
7:00am BOOTCAMP 
8:00am Markets, Mingle & Meet & Greet with GC locals

Following the bootcamp, I'm also working on an exciting project that will create support for the longer term. I'll share more details soon!

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and encouragement - I'm blessed to have such an incredible community! 🙏🏻💛

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