RJ Glass Tumbler
RJ Glass Tumbler
RJ Glass Tumbler
RJ Glass Tumbler
RJ Glass Tumbler
RJ Glass Tumbler

RJ Glass Tumbler

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Introducing our newest product addition to Revie Jane shop~ Our RJ glass tumblers!

Perfect for any on-the-go beverage from your morning smoothie or coffee, or even a refreshing iced tea. This tumbler can be used for both your hot and cold drinks and can withstand temperatures from -20℃ to 150℃. 

Sometimes we just need a token glass to sip from, one that can give you a pep talk and be so incredibly aesthetically pleasing on your desk. Enter the rj tumbler, this will be your new beverage bestie to take everywhere with you.

We have 3 designs to choose from:  

Star Stuff Tumbler ✨  A reminder that we are all star dust and it’s magic you are here!

Glow Girl Tumbler  💖 Your daily hype girl, reminding you to stay hydrated and keep GLOWING! 

Pink Daisy Tumbler  🌸  Because everyone can use a touch of pink in their lives.

Each tumbler comes inside a gorgeous blush box, protecting your glass tumbler. The box and contents makes for a beautiful gifting option.

What’s inside:

500ml Glass tumbler

Bamboo lid 

Glass straw 

Care instructions: Tumbler and straw are dishwasher friendly, however please ensure bamboo lid is hand washed only.


- Handle hot coffee contents with care

- Avoid sudden temperature changes to glassware

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