A message from Coach Revie

What I love about these testimonials are that they are perfectly imperfect. They are raw, authentic women. What makes me feel so successful in my role as a coach, is that it’s not about how these beautiful women look but the healthy relationship they gain with their bodies during the 8 week program. Respect, love, appreciation, all things that women can improve on when it comes to our bodies. The loss of body fat percentage, improved levels of strength and fitness and increase of toned, lean muscles are all just a huge bonus to all of the above.

I thought I would share a little of my own Before, During and After journey.

Anything is achievable even if you don’t believe in that right now, you can prove yourself wrong in the best possible way. I worked out 3-5 times a week, for as little as 10 minutes per day some times. But each time I gave it all I had and I feel amazing for it, mainly because my body feels strong and capable again. I designed this program filled with high intensity workouts that are designed to be fast but effective.

Pictured: 41 weeks pregnant, 1 month postpartum, 9 months postpartum

From @reviejane’s instagram

As a busy full time mum with little ‘me’ time, I needed a program I could do in the comfort of my own home, in a shorter time frame, and with limited equipment.

Your program has been excellent value for money, shorter workouts mean I can fit them in before the kids wake up, I hardly had to buy any equipment, and your videos showed me how to complete each workout properly. Looking forward to the next round – thank you so much x

– Sarah Fraser

Revie Jane thank you for creating a program that is so manageable, even for a FT working mom like myself!

I’m pleased with the results so far, and will be sure to take a progress pic at the end (at which point I plan to start back at W1D1, again!)

Everyone is doing so great- you should all be so proud. This group has been so amazing. Keep up the great work, ladies!!

– Emily Snyder

I completed #iTrainWithRevieJane. I haven’t missed a workout, had mental battles along the way but I was able to push through and keep going.

I did not weight myself or measure myself at the start as I get quiet anxious when I put expectations around numbers etc. I wanted this to be a change of habit, a life style change, not just with my training but my eating and mental state.

I have felt lighter, had a positive outlook and found out how strong I am through the program.

I went back through my photos to see what I looked like 8 weeks ago today and tried on the same clothes. I was amazed at how my shorts fit, it its hard to see how saggy they are but if you look at previous photos you can see how tight they were and how uncomfortable I looked in them.

Thanks you Revie Jane! Thank you for creating this program, for inspiring me and teaching me how to love ME!

Thank you to everyone in this FB group! Your posts and they have kept me going.

– Sally Gierdien

I can’t believe I have made it to week 8! This program has been so wonderful for my physical and mental health, and I have never felt so strong and happy about my body before.

Thank you Revie, for providing us with a program that is achievable and enjoyable!

My baby boy has been 9 months in and 9 months out, so I wanted to share my pics with you all today. None of my goals were weight related, but I set the goal to do at least 4 workouts every week. I did 5 every week though, because I loved them so much! I prepped my meals every Sunday and have enjoyed eating well everyday. (Okay, most days!😉) My clothes are feeling looser and I have less back pain when carrying round my 10.6 kg bubba!

The Train with Revie Jane group on Facebook have been so supportive and have given me the motivation to keep going, and Revie has inspired me every day with her Snaps and Instagram posts! I don’t think I have ever felt this happy before!!

I cannot wait to start Round 2 of the program next week!!

Okay, time to stop before I start crying happy tears!! 😂

– Amy Gridley

Only just finished week 4 and it’s been a rocky 4. Bubs sick for the past 3 weeks, still waking 3-4 times a night. I’ve been sick.

On the left I was trying to hide my bulge with shorts that clearly aren’t meant to b high waisted 😂

My fave bit is that my actual face looks prettier. Not just leaner but happier and vibrant again!

– Jessica Ryan