Train with Revie Jane Program

Train with Revie Jane Program


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You can now Train with Revie Jane anywhere in the world with her brand new, online training program.

Revie’s passion for fitness is infectious and over the years, has attracted thousands of people worldwide with her motivating attitude towards training. The Gold Coast gym owner and mother of one has also inspired many by her transformation back to her healthy, athletic self, sharing her trials and tribulations along the way. Being contacted on a daily basis for workout and nutrition advice, Revie has designed a step by step program on how to reach your fitness goals, physically and mentally.

The Train with Revie Jane Home Program includes:

💪 8 weeks of training incorporating 5 different workouts per week with a bonus fun activity to complete each weekend

📝 Fitness Tests at the beginning and end of the program to measure your fitness over the 8 weeks

🍎 To maximise your results, the program includes nutritional guidelines and tips, educating you on what to consider when ‘choosing what to eat’

🎽 Workout breakdowns so you understand and are confident on how each workout should be performed. For e.g. what is an AMRAP?

🎯 Goal setting direction and examples so that you are held accountable and are more likely to commit to the whole 8 weeks

👯 Be part of the #iTrainWithRevieJane community! Revie’s mission is to empower those around her and with your help, we can build a supportive, encouraging group of like minded peeps!

Understanding how little time people have these day to fit it all in, each workout is designed to increase your fitness and get you sweaty in less than 30 minutes.

BONUS: 👯 5 Partner Workouts! For the moment you finally coax your bestie, partner, sister, dad or whoever into training with you, there are FIVE bonus partner workouts you can do together.

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As a busy full time mum with little ‘me’ time, I needed a program I could do in the comfort of my own home, in a shorter time frame, and with limited equipment.

Your program has been excellent value for money, shorter workouts mean I can fit them in before the kids wake up, I hardly had to buy any equipment, and your videos showed me how to complete each workout properly. Looking forward to the next round – thank you so much x

– Sarah Fraser

Revie Jane thank you for creating a program that is so manageable, even for a FT working mom like myself! I’m pleased with the results so far, and will be sure to take a progress pic at the end (at which point I plan to start back at W1D1, again!)

Everyone is doing so great- you should all be so proud. This group has been so amazing. Keep up the great work, ladies!!

– Emily Snyder

I completed #iTrainWithRevieJane. I haven’t missed a workout, had mental battles along the way but I was able to push through and keep going. I did not weight myself or measure myself at the start as I get quiet anxious when I put expectations around numbers etc. I wanted this to be a change of habit, a life style change, not just with my training but my eating and mental state.

I have felt lighter, had a positive outlook and found out how strong I am through the program.

I went back through my photos to see what I looked like 8 weeks ago today and tried on the same clothes. I was amazed at how my shorts fit, it its hard to see how saggy they are but if you look at previous photos you can see how tight they were and how uncomfortable I looked in them.

Thanks you Revie Jane! Thank you for creating this program, for inspiring me and teaching me how to love ME!

Thank you to everyone in this FB group! Your posts and they have kept me going.

– Sally Gierdien

Revie set out to create a program where you really get the sense you are being coached by her and advised each step of the way. She has worked on every single page and detail of the program which is accessible to you instantly from anywhere in the world.

Whether you are a complete beginner or experienced fitness goer, this program will challenge you in the best possible way.

The Train with Revie Jane program was written and tested by Revie, in hopes to burn body fat, create lean muscles and give you body confidence! This program contributes to Revie’s mission, which is to help people connect self love through fitness.

What you will need to complete this program:
– Set of dumbbells between 3-5kg
– Kettlebell between 8-16kg
– Skipping rope

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