She’s the 26-year-old Aussie girl known for her infectious personality, her incredible fitness ethic and her fun-loving “girl boss” attitude. With a legion of loyal followers across her social media platforms, Revie Jane has proved herself to be one of the most exciting young entrepreneurs and influencers of this generation.

Owner of CrossFit Babes Miami, Co-Founder of the all-girls triathlon club TriBabes and mama to the gorgeous Lexington, this woman has single handedly paved her own path – and left a trail of pink behind her! She is taking the world by storm, one post or snap* at a time, inspiring women everywhere with her positive approach to body image and self love.

Blessed with a passion and dedication that is inspiring to thousands, Revie has created a sisterhood– both online and in the gym – that is all about building up self-confidence and living a lifestyle that aims to empower women to be the healthiest and happiest version of themselves.

An avid CrossFit Athlete and Coach, Revie also regularly challenges herself by trying new sports and celebrating not only the wins but the losses. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, Revie shares her journey with her community, the most recent journey being the one of motherhood. In return she has built a haven for women seeking inspiration.

Revie continues to coach her beloved CrossFit Babes, along with raising her daughter Lexington. She consistently finds new ways to preach self love and how to empower women on a global scale.

You can follow Revie’s adventures here:

*Snapchat: RevieJane
Instagram: @RevieJane
Facebook: Revie Jane Official
Twitter: @RevieJane