How to Build a Following

How to Build a Following
June 28, 2017 reviejane

It’s crazy to think how I got to where I am today! Realising I have over 150K followers on instagram blows my mind because it was never my intention when I started posting little workouts and intimate details of my life that anyone would find it all that interesting let alone thousands of people! My social media platforms have provided such amazing opportunities for me, all of which I am so grateful for.

My following and personal brand grew organically and gradually, when I started it was all so natural but there has been challenges in the longevity and direction of where my personal brand would go. There can be road blockages and mistakes a long the way thats for sure. Here are my very best tips on how to grow a following and how it all began for me!

This is my first video back, I was so nervous so please don’t be too harsh!

The only way is up from here. Also, I would LOVE it if you would subscribe to my channel so I know to keep making more videos. Feel free to leave love and video suggestions in comments section.

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  1. Melina 5 months ago

    Just a question: before you started doing things online and staring your business, have you gone through any degrees? I mean like personal trainer degree or also a business degree etc? Or do you just do it naturally?
    Love to hear your story on that. Thanx, take care x

    • Author
      reviejane 5 months ago

      Hi Melina, Yes absolutely, you need qualifications. I have studied Fitness, CrossFit and Business administration. Every little bit helps! x

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