My Fitness Journey

My Fitness Journey
February 22, 2017 reviejane

Many people assume that I have always been into fitness and while I’ve had a deep passion for sport, there were times in my life when I was completely disconnected to a healthy or active lifestyle. At one point, having to start from scratch- 15kg overweight, completely unfit, embarrassingly poor nutrition but an even more embarrassing attitude. As well as a fitness journey, this is also where my self love journey started. You could say I’ve been on a ‘fitness journey’ for 8 years now, so here is a look at my journey in a nutshell.


When I was a little tacker, I loved the outdoors. You would often find me playing in the backyard with some sort of sporting equipment in hand. Tennis against the wall, throwing a footy, shooting hoops, I even took to archery at one stage. I remember my first 50m dash in primary school and how much I loved it. I remember being so excited for every PE (Physical Education) class, cross country day, athletics day, no matter what the sport was, I just loved the outdoors and moving. Even Badminton? Especially badminton, that is a classy sport people! In High School I made district/ state level in Squash, Track and Field, Lacrosse and Cross Country- I have always loved to run. At the time I did not realise how important sport/ exercise was for me, mentally and physically. There was a certain freedom, an escape, sport provided me during a difficult childhood. It was a type of therapy for me, I was always hungry for it, always looking for the next opportunity to put my sport shoes on because in that moment I was just a kid playing and anything that was troubling me at the time went away.

Nutrition wise, I was absolutely woeful. Here’s a fun fact, I had never voluntarily eaten a vegetable before the age of 18 (other than potato of course, because… potato.) But seriously I HATED vegetables. I was the kid at the dinner table protesting until bed time. I mostly ate pasta, bread, chips, KFC, Hungry Jacks, 2 minute noodles (omg mi-goreng is still my favourite thing on this planet but I rarely eat it because it is TERRIBLE for you) MacDonalds, yep… SUCH-A-FITSPO!

I had never really had an issue with my weight, as I was so active during school, I didn’t really have to learn that I couldn’t just eat junk food all of the time because on the outside I looked completely normal. I cringe to this day, to think what was happening to my poor insides- Yuck! Despite being active, I wasn’t exactly your picture of health, in fact if anything I was malnutritioned.

As a school student, you are constantly moving and lugging around a school bag filled with textbooks. You walk to the bus stop, you walk to each class, you have PE classes, you might play sport at lunchtime but when you graduate from high school, a lot of that stops. I stopped playing all sports except one (touch football) once a week and got a desk job as a receptionist. That’s when I gained A LOT of weight and became the most overweight I have ever been.

I was usually a size 8 and had got to a size 14. I had gained 15kg and one day I found myself at the beach, with a bunch of my school friends comparing my body to my friends’ bodies, while attempting everything to cover my body up. I went home and looked in the mirror and knew I was unhealthy. Something in me that day, looking into the mirror just clicked and I didn’t want to live like that anymore. So I went to the gym and I talked to a personal trainer and told him that I wanted to change.


I think it’s important to note that, I had always had trouble with self love and respect. Then since I gained the weight, that hate/ self bashing started to include body image. I hated what I saw in the mirror. The cellulite on my butt, the way my arms pressed against my body, the largeness of my belly and the roundness of my face. I was in a difficult place without having to worry about how I looked. As well as a fitness journey, this is also where my self love journey started and I’m so glad it did.

I remember my first few sessions at the gym, I was extremely weak, especially in my upper body, I had next to no fitness. My body screamed unhealthy. I was young but so unable to do simple things. It was embarrassing. That’s when I really noticed how unfit I truly was. I realised that good nutrition was really going to speed up the process for my goals.

When I eventually started to see results, I got completely addicted and yes I went overboard. Measuring every macro, spending 3-4 hours at the gym and not eating anything outside of my very strict ‘meal plan.’I became really short tempered and an unpleasant person to be around.

After 6 months of this, I had lost my excess 15kg (and more.) I looked like a complete bobble head and after all that hard work, the sacrifices, the hours at the gym, the sweat and the tears I was STILL unhappy. I now know that I was doing all of it for all the wrong reasons. I was training to punish myself. I was hating on my body no matter how much it had worked, no matter what it delivered to me in the hour, I still didn’t give it any sort of love back.  Yes, I do get sad now thinking how poorly I treated myself, but I hope by sharing this it can help other young girls think about their own fitness journey and their WHY.

Anyway, back to bobble head Rev. It was then, I was approached by multiple personal trainers to do a bikini fitness comp (as I was beginning to the look the part) You know, when you stand on a stage in a tiny bikini and people judge you and decide whether you meet their idea of fit. Something about that concept just didn’t feel right as a young woman discovering self love and body image. It was about this time, I had started to notice a little bit of something I had never really had for myself. Self respect. I stood up for myself and said, ‘no thanks, that’s just not for me.’ By the way, I don’t have anything against fitness competitions, it takes guts, commitment and sacrifice. I just didn’t think it was right for me at that stage in my life to do one.


The point is- that little bit of self respect grew. It had sparked something in me-  to know my worth. Every day, I started lifting more, running further, getting stronger and I kept falling a bit more in love with myself from the inside. In love with what I was capable of. I was achieving stuff and I was proud of that. It made me feel good and on some days great. I started eating more healthy portions, thinking of ways to nourish my body instead of starving it. I started going to the gym less and playing outdoors more. I stopped worrying about how fitness made me look and focussed on how it made me feel.  I started training for ME.

When I had realised what fitness had done for me, I decided that I wanted to share that bridge with other people. More specifically women. The bridge I’m referring to is the one that connects fitness and self respect. I realised that by showing up to training and giving it my all that I was proving to myself that I was a powerful, driven, strong woman. I was overcoming things physically with personal records but more important I was overcoming self doubt and insecurity.

While studying fitness, I continued at they gym and found a love for (oh my gosh I’m almost embarrassed to say it but don’t knock it until you try it!) BodyStep. I love dancing and I love exercising- How can you blame me really?


Then one day my sister asked me to try CrossFit as she had been doing it with her hubby. I fell in love with the sport straight off the bat, I loved how challenging it was and how much room there was to improve. I loved the group/ community feel it had and that we were all in the ‘suck’ together. If I remember correctly I lasted 2 more Personal Training sessions before I joined CrossFit for good and have never looked back (7 years later.)

It wasn’t long into CrossFit that I noticed how competitive and daunting it can be. I myself, was strongly encouraged to compete by all coaches I came across. In order to please my Coach I started doing the competitive programs and after a few months I realised it was making me unhappy. I was no longer training for me, I was training for someone else and for the wrong reasons. When I tried different CrossFit affiliates, the pressure was still there.

It was at this time, I had a vision, to start a fitness facility that accommodated to the individual’s goals. A space where women can empower each other instead of compete against one another. A space where we celebrated every win, big and small. In 2013, I opened the doors to CrossFit Babes Miami at 22 years old and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

It had become my purpose to share that connection of self love and fitness with people and this seemed like the perfect platform to introduce that to people. I feel so lucky to have discovered my purpose so early in life.  I am really proud of how many lives it has impacted in a positive way. How many friendships have started because of it, how many people have called it their second home, the place they’ve come to escape, to overcome, to discover inner strength.


I’ve always encouraged trying new sports. It’s healthy for you to get nervous, to be outside your comfort zone, it keeps you feeling alive. In the past 5 years I have done a handful of half marathons, triathlons, Tough Mudders, played squash, Trail Runs and hell, I even scared the shit out of myself once and did a Half Ironman (You can read about that here! It was really tough but crossing that finish line was un-fu*&ing-believable.) I would LOVE to get back into Touch Football but you know, life, business, baby etc! For now I just get obsessed with the NRL season- haha!

And that brings you up to date if you’ve been following me for the past year. I fell pregnant in July 2015 and that is a whole new blog post as this one is long enough!

I can’t believe it has been seven years since I started CrossFit and I still love this type of strength and conditioning. I am so excited for changes to come in 2017 for our little gym and I can’t wait to tell you about it.

I hope you enjoyed reading my fitness journey and the challenges I’ve overcome throughout it. Fitness is much more than a form of exercise to me, it is a time where I can honor myself and find out how amazing my mind and body truly is. Each of us holds an unlimited amount of potential but it is up to us to discover that.
I hope you train for the right why- For a healthy, happy, you.

Revie   x

Revie Jane Schulz Blogger, Fitness Expert & Social Influencer


  1. Amy Hegarty 11 months ago

    Wow! This is really motivating, Revie. Amazing to read about where you have come from xx

  2. Laura Ellis 11 months ago

    Wow, just wow! You are such an inspiration Revie. I have only just recently started following you on Instagram and I have to say you seem like one of the happiest, down to earth girls I’ve followed on social media. I know you have motivated me in the past few weeks. Thank you for sharing your journey. X

    • Author
      revieschulz 11 months ago

      Thanks for your support Laura! Really appreciate your kind words xo

  3. Jem 11 months ago

    Awww you are truely inspiring! I LOVE how real and honest you are, I feel our experiences growing up were very similar and it is so encouraging to hear that there is a way out. You are a constant daily inspiration for not just myself but for thousands of women/girls/mummys out there. I love that I have a bubbly, smiley happy mumma to look up to every day 🙂 I hope you know how bloody amazing you are xx

    • Author
      revieschulz 11 months ago

      Oh thanks babe. Where there is darkness there is always light, you got this xo

  4. Alesha 11 months ago

    Thanks for such a great article and presence on social media. You help me on my self-love journey each and every day and have helped give me the confidence to step back into the gym and give the crossfit classes a go (I love them). So thanks from a fellow new mama. You really are an inspiration. X

    • Author
      revieschulz 11 months ago

      So glad to hear it Alesha, that is amazing <3 Keep up the great work sounds like you’ve found your groove x

  5. Micah 11 months ago

    I really needed that – thank you xx

  6. Marnie 11 months ago

    Your truley amazing Rev ! My biggest inspiration

  7. Jennifer Warren 11 months ago

    Wow! You make me feel all the heart eyes in the world! Thank you for opening up to us and sharing your story with us. You are such a big inspiration to women all over the world. It is refreshing to have such a positive, honest, compassionate woman to look up to! Thank you for all that you do, you truly are an inspiration to me❤ I was wonderful to meet you in person this weekend and to see that you are just as genuine and lovely in real life as you are on social media. It makes me love you even more! Xoxo snapfam member

    • Author
      revieschulz 11 months ago

      Hey Jen, It was so great to meet you YOU this weekend. You have such a sweet energy about you and I was so happy you were there to say Hi. Thank you for coming and your ongoing support. Congrats again on your engagement, its truly such a lovely time xoxo

  8. Jess 11 months ago

    Coming from a 21 year old girl, whose starting her journey for about the 10th time, this is what I needed. Thank you Revie 💖

  9. Sami 11 months ago

    Such an inspiration Revie 💜 Thank you for sharing. And the website looks amazing 💜

  10. Laura 11 months ago

    Such an awesome read Revie. You truely inspire me and let me see the light of self love I’ve been struggling with. XO

  11. Rachel 11 months ago

    Thank you for such a lovely honest and inspiring post. I really enjoyed reading it and feel very motivated now to start making changes. I worked in an office for 14 years before getting pregnant last July too and each year my weight seems to have creeped up and it feels so hard to lose it. I watch your snaps and follow your instagram and you just remind me every day to make small changes to achieve my goals. Thank you xx

    • Author
      revieschulz 11 months ago

      Thanks for following Rachel and absolutely, small steps and consistency equal success. Soon you’ll be looking to yourself for inspiration xo

  12. Roxana Zenkel 11 months ago

    I found you on Instagram and felt compelled to follow. You are one inspirational woman! Four months ago I had a baby boy and looking at how you are able to juggle baby Lex, continue to workout and be a business owner is truly inspiring. It’s rare that I provide any form of feedback/comment, but I truly enjoyed reading your blog post. I love the reason behind why decided to be fit and did not allow the pressures of men to push you on a route you were not destined to be. Continue doing great things Revie. You are an amazing woman!

    • Author
      revieschulz 11 months ago

      Hey Roxana,
      Thanks for letting me know, I love hearing feedback! Congrats on your baby boy and all the best in your journey xo

  13. Alex 11 months ago

    Wow! I am inspired at your business drive to create something worthy of your WHY. I have been following you for the past 8 months and enjoy your updates, post, tidbit information on cute items for babies, products, and quick at home workouts, plus more. I enjoyed this post. I can relate to you! You should consider blogging the journey of opening the doors along with the challenges of running cross fit babes.

    Xo Alex

  14. Miss Alavi 11 months ago

    So inspirational!!❤️ But didn’t you have Lexi in april 2016? Then how could you get pregnant in July 2016😜 I think it’s a typo and
    you meant 2015❤️❤️

    • Author
      revieschulz 11 months ago

      Haha! Correct! I’ve updated, thanks for having my back 😛 x

  15. Ella W 11 months ago

    I love this so so much, thank you for sharing your journey with us Revie! The fitness industry can be very harsh at times and it’s so awesome that there are amazing women like you we can look up to. I have been following you since the Lululemon shoot for the sand to surf range shoot and I’m so glad I have been. You’re such an inspiration and such a honest genuine person, and I have loved following your journey over the last few years. I, too, rarely ever post comments or feedback but I felt compelled to this time. So thank you Revie, for reminding me that self love is important (especially as a 19 year old going through her own fitness journey) and thank you for being you. I look forward to following your future endeavours and adventures with little Lexi and Clay ❤

    • Author
      revieschulz 11 months ago

      Hey Ella,

      Wow you’ve been along for the ride for a while now then, Thank you <3!

      I REALLY appreciate you commenting because it lets me know what these posts mean to you, therefore encourages me to keep posting them. I hope you continue to find inspiration from my socials and wishing you the very best in your fitness journey xo

  16. Jacki 11 months ago

    Revie – Been waiting for your website to come back for a while, it looks awesome and I love your posts! Wish we had more women like you in the fitness/crossfit/mommy community in Florida.

    Not sure if you are taking requests, but I always watch for your meal planning weekly prep snapchat stories and would love to see your recipes written out 🙂

    Keep up the awesome work

  17. Cathy 11 months ago

    Hey Revie! I have followed you for a few years now and you have definitely played a part in my journey to self love and fitness. You are an inspiration, a great role model and an absolute sweetheart!
    Your insta, snaps and now your blog – I’m all there!! (girl crushing much) lol

    Thanks for being who you are! I’m so excited to keep following your ventures. All the best!

    xo Cathy

  18. Kait. 11 months ago

    At 26, I still feel like I’ve missed the “love your body” boat. Growing up in a lower socio economic family, with many personal battles, just having a full stomach was a privilege in my house. I worked hard to make myself stay in school, even though the odds were against me. In 2011 I graduate from University as a nurse and have since done many other post grad courses and I am so proud tomhave achieved this. I now have the most amazing partner and a beautiful 10 month old boy, but health and fitness is still something I have yet to come to terms with. I obviously know the importance (being a nurse), but actually stepping outside the house to go and achieve something that I have never done before is terrifying.
    Since following you, I have started walking with the pram and Clay has helped massively with my eating, I literally rewatch his snaps and write down his meals word for word ( I didn’t know spinach was real, other then on TV watching popeye, until Clay cooked with it, embarrassing I know). I have lost 5kg just by doing these 2 things, and I thank you for teaching me meal ideas and encouraging me to get out with the pram. Maybe oneday I’ll find the confidence to push myself further and even try to jog (something I have never once in my life done).
    Thanks for being a genuinely beautiful person Rev, Lexi is a very lucky girl to be growing up surrounded by such a positive female role model. You are amazing, and I get so excited everytime that little snap story icon turns purple, hoping I get to see what fun your beautiful family is up to next. ♡♡

    • Author
      revieschulz 11 months ago

      Hi Kait,

      Thanks so much for sharing your story with me (and my blog readers.) You have obviously overcome a lot, it takes a strong person to be able to be open and honest about those tough times. You should TOTALLY be proud of everything that you have achieved! I would be!

      All that studying, having a bubba boy and now putting your health and fitness first- you are killing it!
      I hope you continue watching our snaps and IG and continue along this path. Keep it up beautiful and thanks again xo

  19. Rebecca 11 months ago

    After following you on Insta and Snap for the last year, today I spent my time at the hairdresses reading every one of your blogs and watching your vlogs. You see this is my mummy time out, and normally I would pick up a magazine and chill out with that. It’s my me time. And most of the time I’ll leave the hairdresser with some new diet or fitness regime I’ve read about. All determined to give it a go. Does it ever last? No. Is it ever achievable? No. Does it ever make me feel good about myself? No. Today I’m leaving with a promise to myself. To love myself. To nurture myself. And to live my life with balance. Thank you Revie. Thank you for reminding me daily to live life to the full. You are a beautiful person, with a beautiful soul.

    • Author
      revieschulz 11 months ago

      Hi Rebecca,

      Ahhh! Mummy time at the hair dresses is SO precious, I feel quite privileged to have taken up that time (Haha!)
      The above means so much to me Bec, so often we are comparing ourselves to unrealistic expectations. To know you are reading things I’ve wrote and feeling empowered is exactly the reason I do it!

      Thank you for letting me know and letting me part of your Mummy Time.
      Bet you look smoking’ hot rocking that new do!

      Revie x

  20. Camilla 8 months ago

    I finally got around to reading this and I love it, I love how you got into your fitness journey and I’ll admit I was a huge BodyStep fan back in the day, I too loved the dancing side of it!

    You’re an amazing inspiration to me and many more, looking forward to your gym version of Train with Revie becomes available!

  21. Katrina Salitros 3 months ago

    I think this is the 3rd time I’ve read this blog. In 6 months I get married and I’m in some desperate need of fitness inspiration, but also self love inspiration. Most days I forget to even think about the fact that I matter too. I love watching your snaps Revie and I’m a proud member of your snapfam! I feel like you’re one of my besties even though we’ve never met haha. You’re doing amazing things girl, and you inspire so many, including me, every day. Thank you for everything you do, and truly being you!

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