Garmin Fenix 3

Garmin Fenix 3
February 1, 2017 reviejane

You’ve probably seen this watch a zillion times in my posts, because I wear it all of the time … Haha time, geddit!? This is because it suits my job as a coach, tracks my performance as an athlete and just look at it, I’ve had it for nearly a year and still think it’s the most gorgeous watch.

In saying that, I’ve been wearing Garmin pieces for over 5 years now. I have used Garmin for CrossFit workouts, half marathons, a half ironman, hikes, swims, and triathlons and in every day life, I like to try hit my goal in steps (which is set for you each day depending on your average steps that week.) I will be honest, recently it has gone from measuring max distances on the bike to timing Lexi’s nap times but regardless it’s an amazing timepiece that DOES IT ALL. I think that is another thing I love about it, it is great for experienced athlete AND the active mama.

Features I love about the Garmin Fenix

  • At first glance, most people don’t realise it’s a sports watch. I love that it is white with rose gold features.
  • It’s GPS doesn’t take one million years
  • Its sets a daily step goal that motivates me to get out for a walk
  • You are able to customise the face of the watch.
  • Its battery life is awesome.
  • Has one button access to stop watch.
  • In built compass… not that I know how to use a compass to be honest but you never know! I might learn!
  • Connects to your phone so you can receive notifications
  • Set targets! If you want to run 10km you can set the watch to run a specific distance. This motivates me to get it done as opposed to taking the short cut home and only doing a 7km run.

I believe the Fenix 3 was brought out just before they came up with the technology to monitor your heart rate through the watch, so it still has the separate heart rate monitor chest piece to record that. In saying that, I rarely would use the heart rate monitor feature unless I was fitness testing.

For CrossFit/HIIT workouts you can create a custom activity, so you can see how long it took you to do the workout, how many calories your burnt and what your max heart rate was during the workout.

When you take it on a run it tracks your distance, your average pace as well as your fastest pace. And it even gives you a little medal when you PR your time or distance (fist pump!)

Word on the street is the Fenix 5s is coming and I’m a wee bit excited to see how the two compare. The features on the 5s look badass! Not sure if I’m ready to say good bye to my Fenix 3 but Ill let you know how I go!

Revie x

Revie Jane Schulz Blogger, Fitness Expert & Social Influencer


  1. Rachel 11 months ago

    Hey Revie. I have the fenix sapphire too. Do you find it still counts your steps when you’re pushing a buggy? Mine seems to be hit and miss but I love the watch and for all that it can do. X

  2. Sarra 11 months ago

    Hi Revie,
    I have the fenix 3 too- do you use a HR strap for PT/ Hiit/ crossfit? I do PT with lots of weights/ body weight stuff and it will only really track the time. What do you recommend?
    Love the blog btw 😚
    Sarra x

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