The Best Nursing-Friendly Sports Bras

The Best Nursing-Friendly Sports Bras
January 24, 2017 reviejane

The struggle is real when trying to find a bra that will a) be nursing friendly, b) contain the milk jugs and c) not look like a straight jacket.

You’re thinking How am I ever going to bounce, jog, jump, burpee again without knocking myself out? Breastfeeding is challenging enough without factoring in that you’ll probably be hot as hell and exhausted from the workout… and/or sleep deprivation.

It is certainly a luxury of our time; most of my experienced mama friends are SO envious of the nursing friendly active wear that is available to us today. Not sure if you’ve ever tried breastfeeding with a normal sports bra but I’ve tried it and uncomfortable doesn’t even scratch the surface. It’s kind of like a hot, sweaty pig (pig being me) trying to squeeze into a size 1 Kookai dress, grunting noises included. It just doesn’t work, so INVEST mama’s, it will save you from many frustrating, sweaty, crying baby situations. Here you’ll find my top picks and why.

Number #1 Cadenshae

Cadenshae was probably the first active maternity bra labels, I came across just before I had Lexington. I fell in love with the brand and the entire range Nikki (owner) had created. Each bra has its purpose and each piece is carefully designed so that you can keep up with the trends of fashion while feeding your bubba.

The Ultimate Bra

When my milk came in and I could sit a dinner plate on my chest, I tried out the Ultimate Bra. THE most supportive, ‘knuckle down the girls’ bra to this date. Yes, the straps are quite thick but when you have big knockers, you need all the support you can get. So if you’re in the market for the most supportive bra, the Ultimate Bra is my winner.

Milk Jugs Support Level 5/5

Activewear Hoodie

I had Lex just as winter was approaching and this hoodie was LIFE! I wore it nearly everyday swapping between my pink and black hoodie (and the bamboo long sleeve, omgosh, so many favs.) No one could actually tell they were nursing hoodies because of the discreet invisible zippers. This is an essential for the mama’s facing winter. Again, we are so lucky these mama geniuses have created such products for us. Imagine being sweaty, cold and having to take your jumper off to feed bubba! Eeep!

OMGOSH Look at Lex, so chubby!

The Everyday Bra

Once my milk jugs (eventually) settled down, I started wearing the Everyday Bra It is super comfortable and its perfect for… well, as the bra says ‘everyday’ things.

Milk Jugs Support Level 3/5

Number #2 Flexi Lexi

Based in Thailand, these guys have some of the prettiest yoga pants going around when I found out they had maternity wear I was so excited. Not only are they supportive but they are also fire! Love the back of this black and white one- so pretty!

Flexi Lexi

Milk Jugs Support Level 4/5

Number #3 The Milk Boutique

One of the prettiest maternity bra’s I own. I love the fact that these straps are thin but strong and that the clips are barely noticeable. I get compliments on this all of the time and most people don’t realise that it’s a nursing bra. Really excited for whats to come for this brand and the ambitious mama behind it.

The Milk Boutique

Milk Jugs Support Level 4/5

Number #4 Hello Monday Active

For the basics done right, check out Hello Monday Active. They have the perfect maternity Tee in grey, khaki and stripes and I wish I had one in every tone. So cute and so easy to feed on the go. Their essential crop is also super comfortable, it is more of an everyday bra more than a high impact bra.

Hello Monday Active

Milk Jugs Support Level 3/5

You guys know that I share a lot much on social media, but I do draw the line of giving out my exact bra size/ cup size/ bust measurements. I love you guys but its healthy to keep some things a mystery! All of these websites have really handy sizing charts so please use them.

I hope my amazing mama followers can use this as a bit of a guide for your milk dispensers.

Revie x

Revie Jane Schulz Blogger, Fitness Expert & Social Influencer


  1. Jessica 11 months ago

    Thanks heaps for sharing I’ve been looking online for a nursing bra but always hard to know what one will give you the best support ESP during exercise. I’m defiantly going to buy one tomorrow now after your post 😊

  2. Eliza 11 months ago

    This was just what I was waiting for 🙌🏽 With 4 more weeks to go👶🏼 I will definitely be following some of your great advice to keep these mumma jugs contained as I get back to my active lifestyle!

  3. Aww thanks for including us lovely! 🖤 What a useful article and such an amazing web blog x

  4. I love this, I was looking for an article like this and reached your blog. I thought its just me but so many women these days use nursing bras, But it is hard to find the one which is a sport one, As I workout daily. I have a toddler too. Maybe Now I will be a little bit stress free.

  5. losha 7 months ago

    Very nice. Sports Bra is best either for a nursing mom or gym going girl.

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