VLOG 4 | Our Nursery

VLOG 4 | Our Nursery
March 23, 2016 reviejane

At 34 Weeks pregnant, Im stoked to say our baby’s room is looking 99% complete!

As you probably have read in my previous posts, Clayton and I have been renovating. We bought a home that needed A LOT of work done and over the past few years we have made some dramatic changes to our home. We were saving the fun stuff (like a nursery) for when we knew we were expecting. Sure enough that time came around and we got stuck in. I am so proud of us for what we have achieved so far with the house but this room is definitely my favourite.

When we found out we were pregnant, the usual questions arose and of course a big one, ‘will we find out the gender?’ I was definitely the more reluctant one and I was pretty keen to find out. I am rather impatient and I love to be organised but seeing the look on Clayton’s face when he said he really wanted a surprise, I agreed. I could wait and I didn’t want to take that wish away from him. Turns out I am super happy we don’t know and it has added a huge element of excitement to meeting our baby.

When it came to the nursery, I got stuck into research and dug deep into the amazing land of Pinterest! Isn’t it just the best! Scrolling through Pinterest + Instagram, I was really discovering the feels I wanted for this room. I met up with my sis Jesse one night and we literally looked at gender neutral nursery’s for hours until I had made up my mind. She was a great sounding board and helped me define the look I was really after.

Once I had my colour palette and main pieces, I showed the direction I liked to Clay. Clay leaves a lot of the styling of our home to me, he’s pretty easy going like that. So, we were ready to go.

This room in particular had an excessive amount of cupboard. So I thought of taking the doors off one of them and transforming it to an inbuilt change table. It has saved us heaps of floor space and of course money, in buying a change table. I absolutely love it!

I chose pastel colours like grey, mauve and mint, then added touches of rose gold and raw pine. I stuck with that for the foundation of the room and refrained from purchasing any of the statement pieces like cushions, mobiles and wall art for when we know the gender. If we have a boy I will go more towards the monochrome look, but if we have a girl I will enhance the mauve’s and whites.

We really hope Coconut likes his or her room, it’s awesome to see how far it has come. I’m pretty certain he or she will be happy those curtains were thrown away. *cringe* I look forward to updating you in the weeks to come once the room is vacated with our baby! YAY!!!

Below is the list of brands we used for our nursery. If you have any questions please put them in the comments!

Lots of love,

Revie x

Cot: Kalons Studio http://kalonstudios.com
Nursery Rocking Chair + Ottoman: Pottery Barn Kids http://www.potterybarnkids.com.au/nur…
Wall Decals: Vivid Wall Decals http://www.vividwalldecals.com.au
Side Table + Rug: Adairs https://www.adairs.com.au
Cot + Change Pillow Linen: Bubbles Lane http://bubbleslane.bigcartel.com
Fabric Baskets: Kmart http://www.kmart.com.au
Leather Baskets: http://www.uashmama.com.au/pages/abou…
Pot: Design Twins: http://www.designtwins.com
Star Cushion: Essie and Co http://www.essiandco.com

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