Self Love

Self Love
January 16, 2016 reviejane

I’ve noticed since falling pregnant that I have ‘dropped the ball’ on self love. Something that, despite many peoples perspective, I can struggle with at times. Coming from the dysfunctional upbringing that I did, I had next to no self worth as a child and into my teen years. After facing much rejection, I have had to work so hard and overcome many hardships to be where I am today. The journey of self-appreciation and love has been the most rewarding experience of my life.

Fitness has been a huge contributor, which is why I chose to share my love for it, within an affiliate specifically for women. It’s my purpose to spread my positivity and self love and I find Fitness is one of the best ways to discover worthiness, self pride and acknowledgement.

I’m writing this because, I know I don’t want anyone to ever feel like they’re alone in this world. That even the people with shiny, well-polished, loved up Instagram accounts have the days where they completely fall apart and have to build themselves back up again. That it is totally Okay to not be Okay even when there is so much to be grateful for. You have the right to ‘feel.’ This past six months I have been learning so much about this baby and what it takes to be a mother. It has completely consumed me, as it does to many. So much so, that I have felt lost on the journey of self-love; something that I have to consistently work on.

Peculiarly, in the past, Instagram has helped me to stay accountable to positivity and self love. If you visit my posts from the beginning they are usually accompanied with positive affirmations. Posting photographs daily, I would write or find quotes that resonated with me and I would post them to the caption. So simple, yet such a helpful little habit I had subconsciously created.

Lately, my attention has been all about a new role as a mother, in turn neglecting my own identity right now, as Rev. It is not selfish to put yourself first. It is a necessity, in becoming the best version of you. In order for me to honour my loved ones, to be a good mother, to be a good wife, a good coach and friend, I need to love myself first.

In sharing this, I hope my openness can prompt you, remind you or kickstart your journey of self love, because you are one amazing human being and you are worth of so much love. As am I.

Revie x

Revie Jane Schulz
Blogger, Fitness Expert & Social Influencer


  1. Alex 2 years ago

    It’s so great that you are so aware of the concept of self love and self care. It wasn’t even on my radar when I became a mother so I totally neglected myself for my first few years as a mum always choosing to put my children’s needs and wants before my own. It has resulted in me feeling exhausted and resentful towards my role as a mum at times. I agree with everything you have said in this blog post! Thanks so much for sharing ☺️

  2. Morgan 9 months ago

    I have been watching your posts since before your birth of Lexington. You are so inspirational and such a strong person.Im so happy to see there are people like you in this world that are so dedicat4ed to their work ethic, daily routine and a loyal wife to clay. I hope that someday my life can be as amazing and great as yours. I hope to meet you one day as well. take care of lexi lou and give her a kiss for me:)

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