Doing Nothing

Doing Nothing
October 27, 2015 reviejane

Today I had to talk myself into being okay with doing something I’m not that familiar with- nothing.

Doing. Nothing.

My day went like this, 8am appointment at the Hospital to meet with a midwife (first antenatal appointment.) Due to unforeseen circumstances, we were moved back until 9:15am, which was fine, we saw a lovely midwife and by 10:30am we were informed and excited. (so excited for everything, but that’s another blog post.)

When I got home from the appointment at 11am I was exhausted. I sat on the couch, then I lay there and now (7 hours later) I’m typing this from the same couch without having done anything except walk to the toilet approximately 24 times to wee. That’s was my day…

The End.

Now, I love to use my social media platforms to motivate, to make you see that WE CAN DO THE IMPOSSIBLE and be an INSPIRATION! But I also want to be transparent and honest with you. I want to be real and not paint this fantasy where I am invincible and never run out of charge.

If you’re like me, you’ll find it hard to sit in one place for long, you feel like you’re lazy, that you’re missing out on LIFE! There’s always things to do, muscles to move, people to interact with.

My train of thoughts were “You better get up soon and go for a walk or do something. Rev, seriously you have to get up soon, you cannot just sit here all day and watch mind numbing TV.” But my body ached and I felt so heavy. Then came the list of demands, “you NEED to get those dishes done, also there’s 2 loads of washing to be done, make sure you research that lady your midwife referred you to, have you got back to those enquiries, have you looked into that merchandise you’re ordering for your business, have you entered the programming? oh, those emails I need to get back to- crap! Sorry doggies, I seriously don’t think I can walk you today…” The list is endless.

Then I got a text from the husband, (who by the way, does NOT stop working or working out for that matter) People ask where I get a good work ethic from, it’s HIM. He’s a non stop machine, that does everything with so much pride and integrity, it makes me sick.

The text says, “If you need to rest, rest babe it’s been a big two weeks with no days off.xx.

Genius. Just genius. I honestly thought he was Oprah Winfrey. I find myself in this situation so often, where I am so stressed about what I need to do and forget that it’s actually okay to do nothing, just rest and be still. And NOW more than ever since this is such a special time. Clay also jokingly said, “You know that heart beat you heard today? Yeah, you’re growing a baby! So essentially that’s not nothing!”

It’s made me think, why are we so scared to stop? PRESSURE. Mostly self-applied pressure. (Silly me!)

Today was exactly what I needed, a day off. Filled with couch time and mind numbing-ness. Letting my mind and body completely be at peace and relax. I think its pressure

So I learnt, again, to STOP, take a deep breath and be okay, with doing absolutely nothing.

I’d love to know, do you struggle with doing nothing? Or am I the only one? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


Revie xo

Revie Jane Schulz
Blogger, Fitness Expert & Social Influencer


  1. Fiona 2 years ago

    This is a great post. Especially someone such as yourself who is so openly busy and accomplishing things. It must have been hard to be ok with doing nothing, I feel that way too sometimes. I have 2 young children and I am a very all or nothing kind of person. It’s taken me a long time to realise that if I am run down then I am not able to look after my little ones and if they are well looked after then I am able to do my things. Get my study done, do my job, keep my house. At times something has to give and the more in tune you get with this philosophy the easier it is to sort your priorities. I’ve found during parenthood priorities are forever shifting with your kids, your health and your marriage at top spot respectively. You and your hubby are quite the team that strong partnership will help you through the tough times. Take care and all the best I am enjoying following you and reading about your journey.

    • Author
      revieschulz 2 years ago

      You have such a great point to add. Finding this balance with two kids is something I’m yet to face but can only imagine it be more challenging!

      Yes, the husband and I are an awesome team and I’m so grateful for that. Thanks for your support Fiona x

      • Fiona 2 years ago

        Fiona lol

  2. Emily Jayne 2 years ago

    Love following you! I’m a PT with my own studio and 14weeks pregnant however my journey is a little different as I’ve also had stage 3 melanoma cancer just 3 yrs ago…. I learnt very quickly to do nothing I had no choice I couldn’t even walk (from my surgery ma and had to learn to literally walk again!) hence I became very patient and ok with doing absolutely nothing for days on end letting my body rest and recover having been through that has made me very comfortable with having down days through my pregnancy so far especially in that first trimester fatigue!!! Wish you all the best for your pregnancy and beyond
    Emily Jayne xxx

    • Author
      revieschulz 2 years ago

      Simply amazing Emily, thanks for sharing your story! Inspiration lovely x

  3. Cynthia Lozano 2 years ago

    You are the cutest person in the world! I feel like you’re my little sister who lives in Australia and I’m over here in San Francisco.
    I am 12 weeks now and I have super bad nausea and I talk to myself everyday about how it’s ok to relax and chill out because I’m having a baby. I’m writing to you from the parking lot at the gym because I’m so tired to go in and work out. I will eventually go inside and do what I can to keep fit and healthy for the nugget that is inside my tummy. My workouts are not the same as they were 12 weeks ago. I can forget about running because of my nausea but I can walk. Keeping it positive. Yay.

  4. Charlotte 2 years ago

    I am following you all the way from Norway! You are my biggest inspiration. I am also pregnant- my due is in June. So looking forward to meet my baby!! I work as a police officer at the street, but because of the pregnancy I had to give up that for a period, and work inside, were it is safe for me and mini. I am still a police officer, but my current job is an investigator- for some months. I am very like you. Love to work out, and love my job. But some times we need to think that we also have a other job now- taking care of a baby. And that is a big job! And the best! So if our body tells us to do nothing- then we should let the body to nothing. And except it. But for people like you and me, it is hard sometimes. Just enjoy being pregnant- you are going to work the rest of your life- so it’s only for a period! The body tells you exactly what it need!! Good luck with the lasts months! I cheer for you! 😉

  5. Laila Estreich 2 years ago

    You are not alone.
    I struggle big time with allowing myself to have down time and relaxation without feeling guilty! I’m aware that’s it’s an issue for me but I still find it hard. Like today for example, I feel like crap but have still pushed myself to get things done when really I should be doing what you did, nothing.

    Thanks for sharing Revie, I’m off to go sit on the couch for a few hours.
    Mwah! X

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