Cook Islands | Heaven on Earth Part 1

Cook Islands | Heaven on Earth Part 1
July 15, 2015 reviejane

Is it hard editing and watching this video when I’m in my freezing office typing away in a beanie and five layers on? Yes, yes it is but having this 5 minute movie is a piece of our Cook Islands holiday that we can keep forever and help us remember just how incredible it was.

I decided to do a two part Blog Series on the Cook Islands, Part 1 featuring this video, Part 2 featuring our favourite series of images from our trip. Enjoy a 5 minute clip of our 2 weeks in the Cook Islands.

Part 2

Sitting on the plane back from the Cook Islands, Im staring at my laptop thinking of words to describe The Cook Islands. I’ve been to Lake Tahoe, Santa Monica, Auckland, Beijing, Maui and North Shore of Hawaii. I live on arguably one of the best beaches on the planet the Gold Coast, but I have to say the Cook Islands gives the term Heaven on Earth true meaning.

Every time you see the blue lagoon in the corner of your eye, you’ve got to shut your mouth because you’re in awe of its stunning electric shades of aqua, turquoise and blues. Whether you’ve woken up from a siesta on a sun bed or looked up from your chosen piece of literature, you do a double take in disbelief that that view is actually in front of you. That’s how beautiful the Cook Islands are. The people of the Cookies are so proud and passionate about their culture, it made me envious and I wanted to belong to a tribe. Clayton and I went to a few island nights where there are loud, addictive drums, beautiful women dancing in colourful outfits, men energetically telling stories through dance of warriors. When we were asked to dance as volunteers, we were thrilled to and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for the rest of the evening. We visited for 2 weeks, the first week with the WODVentures Crew to Rarotonga (the main island) and in the 2nd week just Clayton and I visited Aitutaki. I was lucky enough to be asked to Guest Coach as part of the WODVentures Retreat and as I was overdue for a holiday requested to make a flights back a week later. WODVentures is a Fitness retreat, owned and operated by Dani and Jacob. There is a CrossFit in Rarotonga, Tumuora CrossFit which we trained at most days of the first week. As always, its fun and exciting visiting a CrossFit Affiliate. Same community, same lingo, same equipment, different place, I love that about CrossFit! There were 14 WODVenturers and we had an absolute amazing time climbing mountains, trekking over to smaller islands, SUP Yoga, handstands post hill sprints and enjoyed cocktail hour(s) as well! You will see snippets of our CrossFit workouts and adventures in the video.


The main island, where you fly into, is full of larrikins, characters and people full of cheek. You will fall in love with their giggles and pranks that they play on each other regularly, it’s easy just to sit and watch. Clayton and I happened to catch a lift with a local bus driver who has labelled himself as “Mr Hopeless.” The jokes started as soon as we jumped on the bus, asking for $8 million Australian dollars for the ride. He has a microphone headpiece so you listen to him singing or telling you some terrible, yet hilarious dad jokes and local island stories. So really its not just a bus a ride, but also a tour guide as well. Everyone loves to sing, play instruments and dance. The locals are full of life and joy and in their environment I really cant blame them. There are lots and lots of dogs! You assume that they are strays, because they are not confined by fences nor do a lot of them wear collars but in fact they do have rightful owners and are fed, washed etc. They are lovely, always keen for a bit of bacon and a play. As we missed our pooches so much it was nice to have a bit of four-legged companionship.


When we flew into Aitutaki, I was in absolute awe. I just knew this place was going to be special. It definitely had a similar feel to Hawaii, still it felt smaller especially when we got to the airport and it’s basically a lone standing warehouse with 2 counters at it. Later we would see the guy that helped the plane land on the runway, hosting us on a boat cruise and then as a dancer on an Island Culture night. As there are only 1600 people that live on the Aitutaki, a lot of local work multiple jobs, so you get to know everyone really fast, its awesome and it makes you feel like a local too.

We stayed at a beautiful resort Tamanu Beach, in a Lagoon facing Beach Bangalow. Clayton has worked on Aitutaki before, as a Tradesman on the Survivor, Tribal Council set. He became friends with local Messine, a lovely man who was able to take us out to the reefs and show us the best spots on the island. The speed limit is 40km/h, everyone you pass smiles and waves or gives you the head nod. The seat belt on the scooters to the mummas and babies is a sarong. You can watch mud crabs scramble to get off the road as you come by and of course duck your head from the palm trees that have over grown on to the roads. You can catch the sunrise and then drive 12km to other side of the island and say kia orana to the sun as it sets. For those who are considering travelling there, Rarotonga is definitely the place I would visit with mates and/or active family.

There are more stores, restaurants, activities on Rarotonga. Aitutaki is a perfect spot for someone flying solo, couples, young families to go and RELAX. There really isn’t a lot to do in terms of activities, it’s a place to completely be still. I like to keep busy, I mean, if you keep up with my socials, you’re probably already aware of that. I like my on the go, thriving lifestyle where I make the most of every opportunity, chase down goals and keep pressing down on the throttle. I find it hard to take it slow on holidays even, but when you head to the Cook Islands, its almost forced relaxation which was the perfect place for me. I switched off, I rested, I slept, I lay on a day bed and read a book, I snorkelled, I went back to the day bed, I just put my feet up and enjoyed every moment of it. Completely present and content. It was pure bliss, it was heaven on earth, the perfect time away.

Take my word, on your next holiday, visit the Cook Islands and I will be able to say ‘I told you so.’ I hope you do visit! Let me know if you do, as always feel free to comment below on suggestions on blog posts! Love hearing your ideas. It feels so good to be back! I appreciate your messages and comments about missing my daily posts of inspiration. Humbled to know that you check in for a source of daily inspiration.

Love, Revie x

Revie Jane Schulz
Blogger, Fitness Expert & Social Influencer

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  1. Geneviève 2 years ago

    Revie, are you doing another wodventures retreat next year? Seriously considering travelling all the way up there from Europe (The Netherlands), you make it sound like paradise!

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