Lunch For A Paws

Lunch For A Paws
June 15, 2015 reviejane

Humans are really are nice natured things. You know how sometimes you go about your week thinking ‘What is wrong with some people?’ (I know, I do) well, this week I just wanted to high five every man and his dog (pardon the pun!)

As you are all aware, I’m fundraising for the Animal Welfare League, you can read more about it on this Blog Post. 7 Weeks later we have raised $4K with $1K to go to reach my target of $5000. I asked businesses to contribute in some way and the response has been incredible to say the least.

There are so many more amazing people to thank who were that keen to jump on board, my heart just flooded with gratitude! Everyone that attended requested that I let them know where all of these cool prizes were from so that they can check out what other cool stuff they make. I was pretty jelly I couldn’t WIN anything being the Host and all may have looked a little suspect.

So here are all the businesses that contributed a prize for #LunchForAPaws


Firstly, I’d just like to thank Sel Berdie the Director of BSKT Cafe who opened up his cafe’s function room for my fundraising event, Lunch For A Paws. Without BSKT Cafe, there wouldn’t have been a fundraising event! When asking businesses for support it was the Director of BSKT Cafe Sel Berdie that was enthusiastic to open his doors to a charity event. The amount of generosity blew me away and I’ll forever be grateful for it. Sel donated $10 from each ticket purchased to my campaign, plus we had Pet Trivia, Best in Show and Raffle Tickets on the day which accumulated to a whopping $1010! Absolutely stoked with that result and means I am so, so close to the target goal of $5000! Thank you so much to the lovely staff from BSKT, you guys rock!

insta: @bsktcafe



These wonderful ladies went above and beyond, not only did they provide a goodie bag for EACH of our guests to take home but also sent us a lovely massage therapist Georgia to spend a couple of hours at our event giving our guests neck and shoulder massages! Bliss!

insta: @endotaspabroadbeach



You must know by now that I am fan of Instagram, well Instathat is kinda next level and will be an essential for any future events! So basically, you pick a #Hashtag, ours was #LUNCHFORAPAWS, then any photo that was posted to Instagram with the Hashtag #LunchForAPaws was printed and gifted to that guest! How awesome is that!

insta: @instathatsocial



OBFive Skateboard, well this donation really speaks for itself! How cool is it!? Thank you so much Kris and crew from OBFive Skateboards you guys rock and have some seriously cool Boards! (Totally want one!)

insta: @obfiveskateboards



A beautiful boutique in the Brickworks Southport, featuring brands like Maurie & Eve, Alexander Wang, Zimmerman, Sass & Bide donated a $200 Voucher for their boutique. (See why I wanted to be eligible to win?!)  This went to our “Best In Show/ Best Outfit” guest, so that they could add to their fabulous wardrobe!

insta: @AnotherLove



Garmin donated not one VivoFit 2 Activity Tracker but THREE! These nifty little wrist bands track your steps, runs, tells you get moving when you’ve been static for a little while.

insta: @garminofficial


I did not even reach out to these guys, Monique actually contacted me and asked if she and her friend could make a contribution. Pallet Revive supplies dog bowl stands, to avoid our furry friends from knocking them over plus they’re tres chic. Monique hand makes these, so talented and so crafty!

insta: @pallet_revive

Winston Manner supplied these absolutely gorgeous leads, EVERYONE thought they were super fancy and had their eyes on them. Im sure 5 dogs of the Gold Coast are looking totes fancy on their walks this week!

insta: @winstonmanner

There are almost too many thank you’s to give out, with 6 Yoga Passes with Darci for D’Yoga, a ThermoServer from Leanne of Thermomix Australia and a $100 Burleigh Bears Voucher.

Last but not least I want to thank everyone that came and supported the event. So many fellow animal lovers in the same spot, created one chuffed little lady. I sincerely hope you learnt something about Adopting from the Animal Welfare League and that you enjoyed yourselves.

Stay tuned for all the information on my run, its going to be a fun morning, well probably for you, for me, it will challenging and gruelling! Ha! There will be shelter pets and AWL QLD Volunteers at the finish line and throughout my running course. Will keep you all updated!

If you would still like to donate and help me reach my goal, visit my everyday hero page:

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