Run the World Conference & Meet My Babe Entrepreneurs

Run the World Conference & Meet My Babe Entrepreneurs
May 14, 2015 reviejane

Hi Everyone!

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You guys! I am so excited for this weekend! Why? Because I am going to the Run The World Entrepreneur Conference! What’s that you say, well, let me tell you- it’s basically a bunch of inspirational, talented, successful innovators of the world, who are going to share their triumphs, their obstacles and basically their story. It is Australia’s Largest Female Entrepreneur Conference and it is this Saturday in Brisbane.

Speakers include Lisa Messenger (That Collective Babe), Samantha Wills (That Jewellery Babe),  Kelli Wharton (That Talulah Babe), Jane Lu (That ShowPo Babe), and so many more amazing women who are totally going to inspire our socks off. The event was started by The League of Extraordinary Women which is Australia’s leading women’s entrepreneur community who I am proud to be speaking for next month, more on this to come!

Naturally when this event came about, this was an ideal trip for my Babe Pack and I’ve heard so many more like minded women who are going too- I am THAT excited to be in a room filled with motivated, unique women!

If you haven’t met or heard about my very own little entrepreneur #BabePack (as we have called it) let me tell you more, its about time I properly introduced you guys anyway! Obviously, these guys are my best gal pals but we also collaborate and work together on a daily basis to help each others dreams, careers, aspirations come true. I am so blessed to have these inspirational people in my life and even more blessed to call them my friends.

I am a huge believer in empowering one another and help each other reach our own potential. It’s something that I think all women should do, in business, personally, in the gym- wherever. So without further ado…

Courtney McCarty | Owner of TriBabes | Coach of CrossFit

Babes Miami Nickname: CC
Likes: Riding bikes, plants (yes, like planting succulents etc) and being a Beach Bum

CC came to train at Babes over 2 years ago now, since then she has started Coaching CrossFit and in the last 6 months started her own Babes Empire with the amazing TriBabes which I am very proud to be Co-Founder of!

TriBabes is the sister company to my own CrossFit Babes, but in the Triathlon world. The TriBabes have exploded onto the Triathlon scene being one of the only Women’s Only Triathlon organisation in QLD. They offer training for women of the Gold Coast who are already swim, ride, running to women who are just getting ready to start their Triathlon journey.

CC is a bloody legend and also the Babe I convinced to do a Half Ironman with me last year. She is my sister from another mister and she has this “we can do it” attitude which is why I love her!

CC’s Socials
insta: @cc_tribabe & @tribabes

Brooke Whitney & Kat Orchard | Owners of Pineapple PR

Nicknames: Brooklyn or B & Katniss
Brooke Likes: Puppies, CrossFit Babes (She is one of our Original Babes) and more Puppies!
Kat Likes: Celeb Life, Buffy (Yeah, the Vampire) and Gangsta Rap

A part from being two bursts of sunshine in my life these two are the amazing duo who have helped me get “Revie Jane” & CrossFit Babes in and amongst the Media. Radio interviews, News & NewsPaper interviews the list goes on. Brooke and Kat have got such a broad range of experience in marketing and public relations they’re forever in the know of what’s hot and how to be in the middle of it! 

Brooke is my fellow passionate animal lover, we dream of one day buying a farm so we can have all the animals we like on it. Between us we already have 6 dogs, so I guess you could say we have got a good start on this farm.

Katniss is like my very own comedian/ dance partner, not to get those two things combined, she is funny AND she can dance as good as me (Ha!) She is always making me laugh and is the best storyteller I know.

Brooklyn’s Socials
insta: @brooklynwhitney1
Kat’s Socials
insta: @katorchard1
Follow Pineapple PR

Faizah Baldonado | Owner of Dreamworks Business Solutions

Nickname: Faizie (pronounced Fy-zee)
Likes: Random adventures, singing and playing the ukulele, yoga

Faizah is a lady who has helped me grow so much as a human. She helps me be patient, understanding and content. She is also super talented in the land of websites! She helped me develop the online Community of Babes and Membership site of The Babe Project.

Faizee is such a sweet little soul, she’s such a cool combo of yogi/ entrepreneur/ goal digger. Faiz is an inspiration to many and the go to person when you needs some words of wisdom, she is like a walking “inspirational quote” from Pinterest

Faizah’s Socials
insta: @faizahjb

So that’s my BabePack! We’ve helped each other through so much over the past couple of years, personal and professional which is something that can be tough to balance but with love, communication and honesty we’ve come out on top!

I hope that YOU reading this have also got a group of friends around you, who help you, inspire you, want to see you face your fears and GROW! Have you got inspirational ladies around you? Share this blog with them!

Or… Are you an entrepreneur? Take this opportunity to comment below and Share it with us what you do! I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


Revie x

Revie Jane Schulz
Blogger, Fitness Expert & Social Influencer


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