The “I Can’t Do This” Moments

The “I Can’t Do This” Moments
February 3, 2015 reviejane

Do you know what really gets my goat? When people come to training and they haven’t fueled their bodies right, they haven’t had a sufficient amount of sleep and still get frustrated by their performance in the box. To me, the problem here, is crystal clear! This person has unrealistic expectations. If you have skipped dinner 2 times this week, been under a copious amount of stress and or had less than 6 hours of sleep each night then you are most likely exhausted.

Demanding your body to “GO “or “pick that weight up” when you have starved it of nutrients and rest is extremely frustrating as a Coach. I see it happen all the time and 95% of the time it ends in tears.  And guess who did this exact thing on Saturday morning…. Me.  As I have recently launched my first online business The Babe Project, I had been working 70 plus hours per week, zero days off, brain working at 1 Kazillion kilometres per hour (yes that is an actual speed) and yes, I will admit, I have had minimal sleep, skipped meals (which is so rare for me) and had next to no ‘me’ time. <Big gasp of air>

Last week my job demanded so much of me. Interviews, coaching, business managing, online monitoring, email response, video footage recording and launching a membership website, which comes with a whole world of techhead stuff that even the nerd in me was overwhelmed by. I trained twice properly last week, the other sessions were mere attempts at getting a sweat on before a busy day, it was more so to clear my mind than exercise.

So I rocked up to training on Saturday morning like <insert matthew mcconaughey voice>  “well, alright, let’s do this” head strong and totally ready to beast mode it. The workout looked pretty intimidating, it was a Hero WOD but I figured, ‘Go RX, you haven’t trained much this week.’ 

3,2,1 GO! Smashed out 12 Deadlifts like “BOOM, what!?” moved on to the pull ups and did 2 sets of 10 to complete my 20, then walked over to my 42.5kg Clean and Jerks and thought “I’ll do 6 touch and go,” then my body picked up the bar, cleaned it, jerked it and from then on I felt like a bus had hit me and I wished I could lay in the fetal position while listening to “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift (don’t act like you don’t like it).

After every rep, I felt that awful feeling of exhaustion and nothing left in the tank, I started to get really frustrated with myself. “Rev! Go!? Why wont you go? … Alright now you’ve really got to put it in- this is a poor effort, go!” and much to my disappointment I just couldn’t.

I think it was around the 3rd round, I was standing under the pull up structure, hands in the air, staring at the pull up bar and I felt it. My throat close up, my eyes start burning and then burst into tears. I did eventually get the WOD done, after sucking in a few big ones, pep talk from the Babes and just being a little more patient with myself between reps.

It gave me a huge wake up call! I had to take a step back and realise that I was being an idiot- massive week, exhausted and then expecting Beast Revie to come out- uh uh, my body expressed to me pretty quick that that wasn’t going down.

I realise that I am a motivator and someone that people around the world go to for inspiration and advice on living a well balanced, “zen” life but at the end of the day, I am human and I totally have those freak the f*&k out, “I just can’t do this!” moments. More often then you probably think! Luckily I have an incredible support network which a big part of is the Babes and of course Clayton and my parents- so thankful. 

Later on, one of the Babes said, “wow it’s good to know that happens to you too” (in which I coughed up “gee thanks Vera!” haha!) and I see comments on Instagram from time to time, ‘you balance everything so well’  so here is the other side to my life. When shit comes crashing down and I think that I am incapable. The responsibility is all mine to pick myself up, rest up, refuel, refocus and now Im here. Sitting on the laptop, laughing at myself, rested, fueled and listening to my body, because it knows best.


Revie x

THE WOD | Programmed by my darling husband Clayton

5 rounds for time:
12 deadlifts (225#) Women: 70kg
20 pull ups
12 clean and jerks (135#) Women: 42.5kg
20 knees to elbows

Revie Jane Schulz Blogger, Fitness Expert & Social Influencer


  1. Ash 3 years ago

    I really loved this post! It reminds me that we are all human and thus, we all sometimes fall and need to pick ourselves up.

    • Author
      revieschulz 3 years ago

      Thanks Ash! So glad to know you enjoyed it, thanks for reading!

  2. Vera 3 years ago

    Day in day out we trust in your coaching skills, advice, direction, and everything in between. This post of yours further supports why we put our faith in you Coach Rev!! You don’t speak from a text book, you don’t direct by being told how to direct, you do and say everything from personal experience. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that hearing that you DO struggle from time to time, gives all of us encouragement and the realisation that when we think something is an impossibility, we too have to dig deep and get through it, and furthermore LEARN from it! So thank you for sharing, and in such awesome detail too 🙂

  3. stephanie 3 years ago

    “Fall down 7 times, stand up 8.” The importance isn’t focused on whether you weren’t capable of something or not.. It’s whether you pick yourself back up.
    I really enjoyed this post Revie, you’re my day one inspiration & you have support coming all the way from Oklahoma, US! xx

    • Author
      revieschulz 3 years ago

      Thanks for your love and support from across the globe Stephanie! X

  4. Lisa 3 years ago

    Love this honest reminder. Thanks Revie.

    • Author
      revieschulz 3 years ago

      Glad I can remind people and potentially save them from crying in front of their box haha! Thanks Lisa! X

  5. Ashlee Thompson 3 years ago

    Thanks for this post Revie! I had a bad day yesterday, saw a car accident and had to attend to the driver and call ambulance and she was in a real bad way. That afternoon hit crossfit and we had a brutal workout made up of thrusters and burpees. Halfway through I started letting all the negativity get to me and I cried which made me have an asthma attack (so rare for me now). I think after reading this its a good reminder that I should make tomorrow a rest day and just recuperate.

    Keep inspiring me and a million other girls! 🙂 xx

    • Author
      revieschulz 3 years ago

      Hi Ash! Oh my goodness that is awful to hear, that must have been extremely difficult to deal with. Sometimes CrossFit/ Training is great after such an ordeal but Thrusters and Burpees are quite the combo! Im glad you’re thinking of taking tomorrow off. I think thats best too. Thinking of you, take care of yourself!

  6. Roxy 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for writing this post. Firstly, because it’s so tremendously hard to let the world know that you’re defeated sometimes. Secondly, personally, because I had my first “I can’t do this”/what is wrong with my body moment just yesterday. My coach was calm and patient and supportive but I’ve been frustrated and trying to make sense of it since, and this post has given me a bit of peace about it. I just hadn’t realised that everything else was taking its toll!

    Finally, look after yourself. As Audre lorde said;
    Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.

    Good vibes, all the way from England!

    • Author
      revieschulz 3 years ago

      Thanks for appreciating my openness, yes it is difficult sometimes to be so open with the whole internet world but I know that people look up to me and I don’t want them to think that its not normal to have moments like these. Or that I never have obstacles and things are so balanced for me. I want to be honest and open so that people know its okay to lose control sometimes, whats important is how we react.
      I’m happy your coach was there for you, its a hard position to be in so Im glad they were patient with you. Its so easy to play the “yes” role in life and before you know it you have so much to do! Beautiful quote! Thanks for following Roxy!

  7. Jordana 3 years ago

    I loved reading this post Revie! So true and honest. X

    • Author
      revieschulz 3 years ago

      Thank you Jordana! Appreciate your support! x

  8. Amy 3 years ago

    Wow Rev vulnerable? I can’t imagine. Thank you for sharing, if it’s one thing I tell my friends starting crossfit i u have your good days and you have your bad days what’s most important is working through the bad ones, surrounding yourself with good people and good vibes and trusting that the support is there 🙂 you are my day 1 Inspo and I hope to meet u one day <3 coming from NZ

    • Author
      revieschulz 3 years ago

      Haha vulnerable! Totally! Im a big softy 🙂 Thanks Amy, we’ll meet one day! x

  9. Faibian Murdoch 3 years ago

    As a young coach also I follow you whole heartedly and in awe of what you have accomplished. This was a brilliant read. I just had this kind of moment last week, as I laid down on the roller, after a tough workout (to the end of a non stop 10 days of working, being off routine), and just cried. It’s nice to be reassured that we are all human and it’s alright that we have our breaking points at times.

    Thanks heaps x

  10. laurabombora 3 years ago

    Great post – totally makes me feel better about my off days (or weeks)! Especially lately, being out of action with injury when all I want to do is pick up the big kids’ weights. Thank you for sharing! 🙂 x

    • Author
      revieschulz 3 years ago

      Meh big kids weights can be overrated haha! Rest up and thanks for reading xo

  11. Alison Woodi 3 years ago

    Love this post and that you admit you’re a human too. Feeling that ‘weakness’ during a WOD is horrible at the time, that rising defeat and physical pain – it’s horrible. But you know what? Once you’re done, and its all over – its incredibly humbling to know that you can make it through.

    One the flip side – rest, nutrition and ‘me time’ is so important! 😉

    • Author
      revieschulz 3 years ago

      My goodness Me Time is essential! Im looking forward to some this weekend coming! Thanks for reading Alison, You’re awesome! x

  12. Magda 3 years ago

    So sincere and so honest. I love that about you:) ❤️ Xx

  13. Hannah 3 years ago

    Thank you for your honesty, Revie! I’m sorry you had such a tough time- those days are never fun! But you are a wise woman, so it’s good to know you are back on your A game and able to offer us a reflection 🙂

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