Visiting the Animal Welfare League

Visiting the Animal Welfare League
December 11, 2014 reviejane

As Christmas approaches you hear of so many people buying puppies for their families. It’s one of the sweetest gifts you can ever receive, a new member to love for your family. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t realise that there are so many lives to be saved in the first place at Animal Shelters.

Before educating myself, Clayton and I went to a local breeder of Staffordshire terrier’s to buy Rhino. Little did we know we are supporting backyard breeding, which not in all cases but in very many, the breeder can be very careless about the actual puppy and more considerate of the  cash they are raking in.

As a community I urge you to support your local shelters instead of back yard puppy breeders and puppy factories. If you don’t know what a puppy factory is, first of all I’ll tell you it’s heart breaking to know what goes on such places. Doggy Mummas are basically there for life, to make litters of puppies in disgusting, infested cages, where they have nearly zero contact with humans or other dogs (other than their own puppies) then their puppies are taken away from them to sell at pet shops. To educate yourself more on what you can do to STOP Puppy Factories or understand the horrible reality of this situation, please visit There is a video on there that in 60 seconds will stop you from ever thinking about visiting a pet shop again.

I often hear how people relate the thought of euthanasia and shelters together when in the case at the Animal Welfare League there is actually no limit for the dog to stay at the shelter. Additionally, it is a much safer, cleaner environment for dogs and other animals to live in.  This is a huge factor as to why I adore this organisation. Every dog and cat from the Animal Welfare League comes micro chipped, wormed, vaccinated and desexed to avoid  over population before going to a new forever home.

They also take their  dogs out to the beach every morning so that they can stretch their legs and release some of their energy. Visiting their pens yesterday, you can see they have blankets, beds, regularly cleaned pens and are patiently waiting for a place to call home.

Again this organisation is a non profit, so if the community do not donate or support the AWL, then these animals wouldn’t have such safe place to go. So please donate here to show your support and keep these beautiful animals off the street.

OR you could SAVE A LIFE and choose to adopt! The AWL have a gallery of all the dogs available for adoption, visit this link:

And how could I forget, the kitty cam I mention in the video is here:

Honestly, adopting Tank was an easy decision to make for us, we have a lot of Love to give and he’s the best little dude and addition to our family.

If you are lucky enough to live on the Gold Coast, the AWL is only 20 minutes from Surfers Paradise and the AWL is having a special campaign just in time for Christmas.

From the Animal Welfare League QLD –

The AWLQ will hold a mass adoption drive on the 13th-14th December as a gift to abandoned animals as they try to rehome every animal in the shelter by Christmas.
AWLQ Spokesperson Brooke Whitney hopes the annual ‘Home for Christmas’ campaign will find hundreds of animals a home next weekend and says pet adoption prices have been reduced to encourage people to choose to adopt their new family pet.

“Dogs adoption prices will be $50 (normally $250) and cats will be $30 (normally $99). 

“The AWLQ is currently caring for 1076 animals across its five rehoming centres all who will need rehoming in the coming weeks. It’s astronomical when you think about all the food, medication and man power needed to care for that amount of animals,” Ms Whitney says.

“It’s not just the kennels that are full; The AWLQ staff had to think of creative ways to make space for animals currently waiting.”

I hope this post has opened your eyes to Animal Shelters, I truly wish that it influences you to ADOPT and save a life in the future.

Leave a comment if you have adopted or if you think you would adopt in the future, I’d love to know!


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