CrossFit Babe Band- Boss Senorita

CrossFit Babe Band- Boss Senorita
July 24, 2014 reviejane

Seeing as it’s a rest day at the CrossFit Games, I thought it would be great to have some “half time entertainment!”

Last Saturday, some of the Babes and I had some spare time before class and were mucking around to one of our favourite songs at the moment Boss Señorita. The song is about women who are “BOSS,” which we think every CrossFit chick is. So, naturally we had to make a music video! We had so much fun making it and laughing our asses off at our own lameness. We posted it 6 days ago and have had 3500 views!

Not many people know my big brother is a singer songwriter based in Encinitas, California and yep you guessed it- Boss Señorita is his song! If you missed it here is the video of CrossFit Babes Version of Boss Señorita. So bad, it’s good!

Here is the legit music video, featuring some serious “Boss”ness Danyelle Wolf, two time US Female Boxing Champion and my very talented brother Lee Coulter.

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