Revie Jane's Ebook

Revie Jane’s Ebook
July 22, 2014 reviejane

It is finally out there! I have been a busy lady this year, writing a book was not in the plans but here I am about to release my first ebook in three weeks.

The ebook is very personal to me, I am opening up to the world for everyone to see and pass judgement. Am I scared? Hell yes! Im terrified but I am hoping to inspire not just my members and people I speak to every day, but those around the world. So to do that I am sharing with you, who I am, where I have come from and sending the message that no matter where you have been or what you have been through you have the potential to do anything. Anything is possible. I hope that I can connect with someone somewhere who needs a glimmer of sunshine in their lives but are not sure how to achieve that positive state of mind.

I am asked everyday how I live a positive, healthy, nutritious and active lifestyle. Well, here it all is in one book, written, planned and created by me. If you were to sit down and have a coffee with me, to listen to what I had to say about the what, the who, the when and the why then this would be it. Plus some!

Scary? Yep, but all the good things are.

I want to be the rare but empowering example that no matter who you are, you have not good but great potential and can make the world a better place.

To read more about Dream Big, Chase Hard, click on the Ebook page.

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  1. Janine 3 years ago

    How exciting. I am a big fan of yours Revie, you are truly beautiful and strong both inside and out! Cannot wait to buy your e-book. All the best! Janine Vitale

  2. Kon 3 years ago

    What brand are those yellow shoes?

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