Half Marathon No# 3

Half Marathon No# 3
July 5, 2014 reviejane

Tomorrow morning I am participating in my 3rd Half Marathon as part of my yearly goal to complete 21.1km in one hit.

I believe as a CrossFitter it is important to challenge yourself, complete things that aren’t the usual 15 minute high intensity workout.  I absolutely love the atmosphere the Gold Coast Marathon brings. Today I watched some of the CrossFit Babes complete the 10km or 5.7km running events, for many of them it was their first time at that distance. Myself and a group of beautiful, supportive people arrived at 5:30am, to cheer them on and get them over the finish line. It’s always humbling to see the Babes the support each other and makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside. It wasn’t just about the CrossFit Babes though, there were so many people giving everything they’ve got to get to their goal. To PR their time, to participate, to finish, gives me that goosebump feeling I love and live for.

In the morning there are 11 CrossFit Babes running in the half marathon, again, for many this is a first.  People have been asking how I am feeling personally about the Half Marathon that I am completing tomorrow and since I have over 25 individuals participating over the weekend, in something I have encouraged them to do, I find it hard to think about my own goals and configure my own game plan. It’s just the coach mentality that comes out, my role is to look after my members. However, I have been training knowing this was coming up. I continue to CrossFit everyday but have been running once a week to keep my endurance levels up and the capacity to keep working for longer then 60 minutes which most WOD’s don’t go over.

I do enjoy participating in these events, there’s so much to look at and better, to smile about; just a huge bunch of people wanting to prove something to themselves, raise money for a cause, run in honor of someone or just because they like running. CrossFit Babes do it because its a great way to test a different aspect of fitness and to prove something major to ourselves! We also run for the Animal Welfare League of QLD, so far we have raised $1354. Our donations page is still open, if you would like to donate click here.

I remember being so incredibly nervous for my first half marathon, now I am signed up to complete a half ironman in September! It just goes to show that anything is possible once you set your mind to it.

My tip for anyone completing their first tomorrow is to ‘run your own race.’ It’s easy to start running at other runner’s pace but they have their own game plan (or none at all) so stay focused on the pace you are comfortable at. Save some in the tank for the last 6km because, I daresay, they are the most challenging!

Here are my previous times:

Sunshine Coast Half Marathon 26/08/2012


Gold Coast Half Marathon 07/07/2013


My goal is to finish the Half Marathon tomorrow in sub 01:55:00. Ill keep you posted in how I go! For anyone participating tomorrow in the half and full marathon, I wish you all the best! And if everything hurts and you think you can’t keep going, here is a photo of my post-race face when I finished my first half. A smile from ear to ear. Remember why you are running, remember why you started. A think of the satisfaction of FINISHING. You got this!

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  1. Maria 4 years ago

    Congrats to you all babes! That was a great run! Loved seeing the IG photos!

  2. Amy. Parr. 4 years ago

    Love the half marathon post Rev. And you smashed it my beautiful friend. You always amaze me!! xo

  3. tribabes 4 years ago

    What a great weekend and amazing experience! Felt extremely lucky and grateful to run with our Babes Community 🙂

  4. Author
    revieschulz 4 years ago

    Thank you Ames! X

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