lululemon favorites to CrossFit in!

lululemon favorites to CrossFit in!
June 25, 2014 reviejane

Its no secret that I adore lululemon athletica. I wear it every day, for work, for sweat and for fun!

lululemon athletica was founded in Vancouver in 1998, it started in a yoga studio and have been growing ever since! Their mission statement is “Creating components for people to live longer, healthier, fun lives.” Which sounds pretty damn awesome to me! lululemon is more than a clothing brand, they are right there in and amongst their communities: Organizing fun active events, taking part in marathons and sport competitions, creating yummy, clean treats in store for us to eat and shop and are always supporting anything that we sweat for!

At the CrossFit Babes Miami Games Day in August 2013, the lululemon girls came and supported our big day with these splendid motivational signs! It was awesome to see them jumping around in the crowd, screaming at the CrossFit Babes who were all competing for the Babes Fittest Duo Title!  At the end of the big day, the crowd of lululemon girls yelled out my name, when I looked to them they were holding this sign. Needless to say I was overwhelmed and my heart was bursting with gratitude! Since then I have loved representing lululemon athletica and am so proud to be their ambassador.

A question I see countless of times is what style of lululemon I wear. So to help you find my favourite styles to sweat in here are my top lululemon picks!

My Favourite Pants

The Grey Pants

I can’t for the life of me remember what these pair of pants are called but I wear them all the time, Im sure a lulu guru will jump on here and comment the name of them! They are awesome for running because they breathe around your calves and have a really nice look to them! Pockets on the side and zipper along the back too for your home key!

Run Toasty Tech

I fell in love with these pants at first run! They have plenty of pockets to stick iPod and keys in! I also love the look of them, really stand out from the plain black ones for something different!

My Favourite Crop Top

I could’t pick one! So here are a few to choose in the order I love the most. I do have a bigger bust so these crop tops are definitely ones I would recommend if you are bigger in the chest area. (is it okay to say boobs on here? Its my blog, so I have just made it okay. Boobs.)

Run: Stuff Your Bra

This top has been my favourite right from the start. Its super comfy and I find the most supportive. This one in particular has been through the WARS with me! Swimming in the ocean, competing in CrossFit comps- you name it, it hasn’t let me down yet! Its called stuff your bra because there is a little pocket at the front for your house/ car key. Clever lulu, clever!

All Sport Bra

I can wear the All Sports Bra all day and it is crazy comfy, plus it comes in so many beautiful colours! Its also the top I used in the handstand photo for this blog post!

Energy Bra

Probably the one I get the most comments on, I love the back of these energy bras they are so pretty! Althought the bands are slightly thinner then the other two crops I have mentioned above this top is still incredibly supportive!

My Favourite Shorts

Run: Speed Short *4way Stretch

These bad boys get me through any WOD! The *4way Stretch definitely have some serious give in them, allowing CrossFit Babes with thighs and booties  that squat, a lot of room to move. Making these my go to lulu shorts!  They have inbuilt undies as well so you aren’t too scared of flashing things when you’re swinging 15ft in the air whilst doing a rope climb!


I know theres a lot of questions about sizing. So here is what I wear in lululemon sizing (which I think is Canadian Sizing):

Pants & Shorts: 4

Crop Tops: 6

I really hope this helps and answers some of the questions you may have about what clothes I love to workout in! Obviously, I love a lot more styles then just those mentioned above, but the list would go on forever. I can’t promise the styles will still be in but lululemon has an online store, you can check that out here. If you are in Australia, click here. No I didn’t get asked to do this by lululemon, I am just answering some of my followers questions to help them out and share what I love!

Revie x

Revie Jane Schulz Blogger, Fitness Expert & Social Influencer


  1. Trisha 4 years ago

    Great article, im also a LULU fan and it would be a dream to one day be an ambassador! You should make more Crossfit Babes gear to buy online, would love to rock a hat out here in hawaii

    • Author
      revieschulz 4 years ago

      There will be more merch uploaded on line in the coming weeks! Stay tuned!

  2. Angelica 4 years ago

    Heey, you’re great inspo! Would love to visit crossfit babes sometime for a wod!

    Going on a backpacking trip and last stop is aussie! Perhaps then.

    Btw have any good tip to not flex your back while squating? Pretty new too the barbell and crossfit. Im Training like a dork to get it right. I think its my ancles that sucks and aint as flexi as i want.

    Best wishes
    /Angelica, a freezing Swed

  3. hc 3 years ago

    chase me crops are the grey ones!

  4. Ashlee Thompson 3 years ago

    I wish I found this article this morning! I have been agonising over what to buy off the lululemon website. I have their 4 way stretch shorts (amazing), love this article!

  5. Tina Angel 7 months ago

    How do you stay so fit and motivated? I feel I struggle in this area. I use to be a cross country runner and since I had 4 kids…it’s so hard to even walk one mile! I’m going to start the 2nd round 8 week challenge with you today! I failed on the 1st one. But i really want to lose weight and feel good about myself. So how do you get motivated? What do you eat and snack on all day? I really admire you and all your hard work. I can’t believe you are 26 years old. That’s awesome! I’m 26 but I don’t have your body type. But that’s the goal. Hope to hear from you.

    Thank you!

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