Dreaming Big… Really Big

Dreaming Big… Really Big
February 13, 2014 reviejane

It may appear that my friend Courtney and I have been training a little. Not just in CrossFit but pushing our boundaries each week. It may seem like we’ve just gone crazy, but Court and I have dreamt of something HUGE. And we have just registered for it so its happening.

In November 2013, Courtney approached me after a CrossFit session. She brought up the possibility of getting some babes and myself into a Triathlon Sprint, as she had done a few and really enjoyed the experience. I told her that I am a hopeless swimmer. I could barely swim to the other side of a pool without losing breath and gasping for air, so the idea of a Triathlon Sprint sounded so out of the question for me. I told her of my last experience in the pool, a local CrossFit competition that had a 100m Swim in it. Not only was I slow and almost drowning, I had to stop and hold on to the ropes multiple times in front of my affiliate members and my family. I was embarrassed and super disappointed in myself as an athlete but mostly as a coach! I told Courtney a Triathlon Sprint was out of the question and dismissed it.

Thinking back to that moment after Courtney brought up a Triathlon Sprint which consisted of a 400m Swim, 15km Ride, 4km Run, I thought to myself, everyday you preach “challenge yourself”, “get outside of your comfort zone”, “do the things you suck at!” So I told Court, “I’m IN!” That December, we had gathered 9 of our CrossFit Babes to complete their first Triathlon Sprint! For me it was so exciting, rewarding but mostly it made me hungry for more challenges. I had gone from not being about to complete 50m, to completing 400m during a Triathlon in just four months. And I was so proud of myself, because I hated going to the pool. Nearly everything about it, from getting my hair wet, the chlorine on my skin, every stroke, every lap was a massive struggle. I waited and waited until the day that I started to transition from hating to accepting Swim Training. And I made countless excuses not to go. Whether it be I didn’t have enough time, I was too tired, blah, blah blah, the list goes on and I started to sound like a Client making excuses. Not cool!

So, I was hungry, hungry for more challenges and running on adrenaline from the fact that if you train hard and commit to something, you can do anything. Court and I kept our training up with friends a long the way. On one of my long rides, I thought to myself, what about an Olympic Triathlon, when I got home I researched the distances for an Olympic Triathlon: 1500m Swim (Holy Shit!), 40km Ride, 10km Run. I thought, IM IN! Im going to do it. I called Courtney and she said “If you’re in, Im in!”  After the phone call I continued reading about Triathlon Distances and Events in QLD. And then, there it was, my heart sped up and my eyes grew big. A challenge.  A huge commitment. A massive accomplishment if it could be done. Something that had no place for comfort. A HALF IRONMAN. Or Half IronWoman! 1900m Swim, 90km Bike Ride, 21km Run. At 1:00pm today Courtney and I, after a lot of persuading, time into programming, 4:00am alarms, achey knees, whining about being cold and jumping into dark muddy lakes, then a bit more persuading, we have just registered.

Sweaty palms, butterflies fluttering like crazy and the “what the F*#K am I doing” feeling is right upon us. So before we back out, we’re telling the world. This is our dream, we are putting it out to the universe and its going to be ridiculously hard and its scary but we are going to make it come true!

If you want to show us your support we would love to send that support to people who need it more then us. In our dream we have envisioned raising money for The Kids with Cancer Foundation. We have created an EveryDay Hero Page in hopes to raise money for this incredible non profit organisation. 100% of all direct donations to Kids with Cancer Foundation are passed on to struggling families of kids with cancer.

If you would like to make a donation please click here.

So there you have it.
14 September 2014- Ironman 70.3 Sunshine Coast 

Holy shit.

“Follow our journey and other challenges we face on my this blog. We’ll post our highs and our lows, the challenges of maintaining strength during endurance training for CrossFit, nutrition in the lead up. We hope to inspire you to D R E A M  B I G.”

Revie Jane Schulz Blogger, Fitness Expert & Social Influencer


  1. sharissecoulter 4 years ago

    Love it! Go Rev!!!

  2. Good for you! Way to keep active and tie it in to a good cause!

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